Dawn light release to open up the phone and the host computer three-jslottery

"Light of dawn" released through the mobile phone and the host computer three end of September 7, 2016, the blue harbor interactive "dawn light" Mobile Games tasting held in Beijing, the blue harbor interactive Liao Mingxiang group board chairman Wang Feng, President, Landcom technology FUZE products center general manager Yang Wailin attended the king and Zhang Quandan, the runaway comic fuck as a special guest to the scene to help out. Blue harbour interactive officially released the country’s first mobile phone, computer, host three terminal 3D interworking action adventure Mobile Games "light of dawn", the game will be launched in September 8th the whole platform.   "light of dawn" in 2012 is the blue harbor interactive self-developed 3D double action game, the design of double end "+" client end "has received widespread attention in the industry at the time, since the line total over 27 million users, the cumulative water over 500 million. After a lapse of four years, the dawn of light end tour producer Zola led the team, will be adapted for the next generation MMOARPG hand tour. "Light of dawn" Mobile Games will achieve interoperability with the client and the original end ", and based on the blue R & D" FUZE game machine "to launch a host version, game player can also the same game on mobile phone, computer, computer experience, the blue harbor interactive has become the first domestic product to open mobile phone, computer and host transverse three end game company. "Light of dawn" host version of upcoming FUZE game platform tasting, runaway comics and Zhang Quandan King Fuck Scene staged talk show recommended "light of dawn" Mobile Games, music video, TV, video, Tencent Betta live five dragon ball TV banners, on the platform of televised activities. Blue harbour interactive also invited popular anchor Betta, tentacles, YY, teeth, banners, dragon six broadcast platform, since the date of on-line game live demo, with red net anchor influence to attract game player.相关的主题文章: