Deep reorganization about the one thousand and one night of the Chinese dream-ca1871

About one thousand and one China deep reorganization dream night – Beijing to September 25th this year, the central deep restructuring was established just 1001 day and night, I can not help but think of Golgi is regarded as one of the world’s folk literature history "the most magnificent monument of the" one thousand and one night ": Arabian Nights. The central deep restructuring of the one thousand and one night staged a comprehensive deepening of reform is not the story, "Arabian Nights", but the Oriental miracle. The difficulties for deep reorganization of the story P. Deep restructuring is Chinese promote the comprehensive deepening reform of the base and the source of the overall design, responsible for the reform of the overall coordination, overall progress and supervise the implementation, the main responsibility is to determine the economic and political system, cultural system and social system, system of ecological civilization construction and party system reform and other major principles, policies, overall plan. After 38 years of reform and opening up, the reform of the way the rest are bones". The key issue is how to break through the deep reorganization of vested interests in the reform of the way to set up a number of obstacles on the road, breaking the bottleneck of the existing institutional mechanisms". Deep restructuring made "on the strengthening of the Central Discipline Inspection Commission accredited organizations construction advice", "on the city public hospital comprehensive reform pilot guidance", "on deepening the reform of state-owned enterprises in adhering to the leadership of the party to strengthen the party’s construction of a number of opinions", "on strengthening and improving the state-owned assets supervision to prevent the loss of state assets" opinions ", the central management company is mainly responsible for the pay system reform program" and "on reasonably determined and strictly regulate the central enterprises to perform their duties treatment, the views of business spending" and other documents, fully embodies the deep restructuring does not avoid sensitive issues, problems, dare to cut to the improper benefits hidden in the internal reform of courage. For the benefit of the people to let the story of deep reorganization. On the major reform, especially the reform of the people’s vital interests involved in the decision-making, deep restructuring of the establishment of a social evaluation mechanism. Faced with complex relations, involving a wide range of prominent contradictions in the reform, the overall restructuring of the overall interests of the people from the actual plan, formulate measures to promote the implementation of. How about the living conditions of the masses? What are the demands of the masses? Reform can bring to the masses what sense? Always deep reorganization of the most concerned about the issue. 1000 days, the implementation has a deep restructuring of administrative examination and approval system reform, reform of business registration system, promote the construction of socialist core value system, a separate two child policy, abolishing the system of reeducation through labor, reform and perfect the cadre evaluation system, improve the system of selecting and appointing cadres, adhere to austerity against waste, in-depth development of anti-corruption fight the attention of the whole society, have a series of problems eagerly look forward to, organize the relevant departments to study the introduction of a series of policy measures and system files, and some also made a legal decision. These reform measures related to all aspects of people’s lives, to China’s economic development and improve people’s livelihood has played a huge role in promoting and far-reaching social impact. Deep restructuring of the problems involving the interests of farmers and the relationship between urban and rural areas and so on really bright knife, genuine. To promote the urbanization of the important link in the household registration system, speed up the reform of the household registration system is a major move involving hundreds of millions of agricultural population transfer相关的主题文章: