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Depp confirmed in "magical animal where" the Glinde Wodepu starred in the Dark Wizard and he played young Grindelwald in "Harry Potter" in Jamie Campbell Bauer played the "Sweeney Todd" young Dumbledore and Grindelwald friends, the former is more love on the latter later Grindelwald, Sina entertainment Beijing on November 9th news, according to foreign media reports, since Johnny Depp (Johnny Depp) to join the "magical animal where" (Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them) after the sequel to the news, the media began to speculate that he will play what role, many people think that he will be a Dark Wizard Garrett Grindelwald (Gellert Grindelwald). The day before the director David Yates (David Yates) confirmed in an interview: Depp really will play grindelwald. Said in an interview before the date when Depp Yates, indeed will play the Dark Wizard G Lindval: "the primary task of casting is to pick the best actor for the role of inspiration, pick out the most interesting, as the most suitable candidate. When we choose the angle for the role of Grindelwald, we think: "who can make the character interesting?" Performing this industry is a very old industry. This week, people still praise you very good, they may speak ill of you next week, the actor’s career is full of ups and downs, but others can’t take away your true talent. Johnny, a true artist, has created a number of roles in line with the trend of modern popular culture. He is a very, very clever actor. What he can bring to the role, we will be waiting. Depp fearless, imaginative and ambitious. We think he’s going to give the character something interesting and special. Based on these selfish reasons, we found him. We don’t care whether he is famous or unknown to the public, we only know that he is very interesting." From the previous news, Grindelwald will be "2" the important role of animal magic, but will be in the "fantastic 1" animal Cameo debut. The character is only briefly mentioned in Potter and the original film and in the film of "the original works of Harry.". He has a great talent, and Dumbledore is a good friend of his youth, (when) blond handsome he is more like a blue child like Dumbledore. But the two eventually break, and a duel in 1945, won the Dumbledore from the hands of the old wand grindelwald. Dumbledore has also confirmed the "Magic 2" appeared in the animal outside the crew has begun casting of the young version of Dumbledore, but Yates and producer David Hayman (David Heyman) is very tight lipped, refused to disclose any details. Recently, in an interview with Yates revealed to us: "magic" animal series of time would have been photographed during World War ii. Would that be a duel? Before a big city reported that the follow-up series will go beyond New York, Yates revealed "Magic 2" will return to the big animal)相关的主题文章: