Developers said the next generation of Microsoft’s game console Scorpio will be substantially upgrad

and Scorpio as the next generation of the benefits of the host is compatible with the old game, from this point is similar to PC, when you buy the next generation of new host, the game can continue to play before.

according to a new report from the NeoGAF website shows that Microsoft’s upcoming generation of game consoles will be far more than the performance of half generation upgrade range.

Ori and Blind Forest developers on the site for Microsoft Project Scorpio for some serious and detailed analysis. All consoles are now X86’s PC architecture remains unchanged, which is why SONY PS4 can be a rapid change, the introduction of an upgraded version of the product." His explanation.

and Scorpio as the host of the next generation of benefits that can be compatible with the old game, from this point of view and PC somewhat similar, when you buy a new generation of the host, before the game can continue to play."

Mahler will upgrade the qualitative SONY PS4 Pro as "incompetent" upgrade, compared to the Scorpio is more of some kind.

in a number of other news about Scorpio, Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry recently through a PDF document to get the configuration of the host. Project Scorpio has now confirmed that it will be equipped with 6 TFLOPS GPU, although it is not sure whether it is AMD Vega or Polaris, but no matter what kind of architecture, performance will be very strong.

Microsoft abandoned the first generation of Xbox One has optimized performance and the use of ESRAM cache, and the PDF file also explains how developers use the system graphics card performance. For example, developers preferred visual fidelity of the frame rate, and this technology is also used in PS4 Pro.