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Diarrhea should also check AIDS, check the hospitals over a seven year old man who lives in Shaanxi, Xianyang do, because of diarrhea was rushed to the hospital, two days later discharged. However, because the old man did not recover and happy, but have a lot of opinions, because just two days, the hospital actually gave him 57 tests, and test fees of nearly 1500 yuan, of which there are syphilis, AIDS, hepatitis C, hepatitis B these seemingly unrelated projects, so that the elderly can not accept this. Not only the old man can not accept, many elderly people may not accept. Most of these problems have diarrhoea diarrhea, gastrointestinal diseases, around the gastrointestinal examination and treatment does not have, why to care for AIDS and syphilis among these problems? Obviously it’s over checking. This is the ordinary people of the truth, very straightforward and simple, but also very reasonable, but also inevitably biased. In the hospital, doctors and nurses not only in the face of a patient, they need to take into account the entire ward and hospital medical safety. Patients admitted to hospital, will receive injections, infusion and other types of operations, although these are very common work, but for different patients will have different levels of preventive measures. As a result, most hospitals will now syphilis, AIDS and other infectious diseases as a routine admission to the hospital, making it a basis for ward management, which has no relationship with the patient’s own disease. This is the truth of the hospital, very academic. The problem is that the hospital holds the "academic" high point, you can arbitrarily set the examination for patients? Obviously not. In the hospital management, give the patient a blood transfusion or surgery must be checked before syphilis, AIDS and other infectious diseases, made the project, for the patients with the general is not required. This is because these infectious diseases, although the need to pay attention to, but do not need special isolation, if nurses needlestick accidents in operation, relevant examination immediately, most of that day to the result, it can be said that this accident can be remedied, so these projects do not can. Now most hospitals tend to do these checks, because it is more beneficial to the hospital, if these checks do not have the slightest benefit, perhaps many hospitals do not. Obviously, no matter how justified the old hospital, the hospital questioned too much, is not unreasonable, can not do for the inspection of the project, the hospital chose to do, there is always some not perfect place. What’s more, AIDS, syphilis, these diseases, in the community, there are some sensitive ingredients, see themselves linked to these projects, may bring some patients distress. Now the hospital management, the patient has a very important right — the right to know, this right includes three aspects: the right to know, the right to know the treatment, the right to know the cost. Such as syphilis, AIDS has no direct relationship with the treatment of these tests, the cost to pay after all patients, so, even if the hospital should do is think, patients should be informed in advance, to allow patients to check as clear as noonday consumption as clear as noonday. In fact, these years because of AIDS and other projects and hospital theory is not isolated cases, which also reflects from one side, the patient’s right to know in this area has not caused enough attention to the hospital.相关的主题文章: