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Health Eating food that helps build muscle will ensure that you are not wasting all that hard work you are doing in the gym. Lifting weights forces your muscles to work hard, and can also cause minor injury to muscles. Although those injuries can heal very quickly, eating the right foods that build muscle can really speed up the process. Food supplies fuel that the body needs, and the right food can do wonders. Food that helps build muscle? So what it is? Well, to begin with, protein. Protein is probably the most important nutritional .ponent in a muscle building program. You probably thought the most important .ponent was cutting out fat, in order to reduce your body fat, didn’t you? Well, it is not. Protein is essential. Without protein, your body withers away to nothing. So make sure you include protein foods that build muscle such as chicken, lean beef, eggs, fish (don’t like fresh fish? Try canned tuna – it’s perfect), and cheese. Figuring out how much protein you should be eating can be tricky. Too much protein is bad for your health, and puts a strain on your system. But you need to eat a lot of protein and not much else for that to happen. Ask at your gym as to your daily protein requirement. It depends on your weight, and on your lean mass weight (basically the weight of all your bones and organs, minus all body fat). Foods that build muscle include carbohydrates. Many uninformed people believe that all carbs should be eliminated in order to obtain a fit, lean body. Nothing could be further from the truth. So long as the carbohydrates you ingest include plenty of fibre, carbs will contribute to building muscle mass ? not body fat. Great carbohydrate based foods include rice, oatmeal, bananas and other types of fruit such as apples and pears. Fats need to be reduced when you are consider what foods build muscle mass. Fat can never be eliminated .pletely (and nor should you try to do this), but reducing fat can have a healthy effect on your attempts to build muscle mass. Most foods that contain protein also contains fat, so when choosing your proteins, providing you opt for the ones that are low in fat, you will be on the right track. When eating to build muscle, make sure you drink water. Liquid is important for hydration, and a dehydrated body is sluggish, and can even make you sick. This is not a recipe for obtaining the healthy, fit physique you are striving for. Drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water a day (even 12 glasses) is absolutely essential to allow your body to properly digest all the good food you are eating. For those who just cannot stomach the taste (or lack of taste) of so much water, other types of liquid although not quite as good are still acceptable as water substitutes – fruit juice and even soft drinks can suffice as long as you (preferably) drink some of your liquid intake in water form. Foods that build muscle are one of the two essential .ponents to having the body of your dreams. The other .ponent is your weight training program or other type of bodybuilding workouts that you engage in regularly. Just because you have found foods that build muscle does not mean you can start to slack off with your weight training. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: