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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews Diwali- the festival of lights is also popular for fireworks and Diwali Sweets. The celebration is in.plete without suitable Diwali sweets which are popularly known as Diwali Mithai in India. It is the ideal time to indulge and gourmets from across the nation look forward to the festive month to gorge on scrumptious Diwali mithai. Revelers often send Diwali sweets to India for loved ones. There are special recipes that gain prominence during the festival. Diwali sweets therefore, have a prominent place in Diwali celebrations. The Diwali sweets are as diverse as the festival itself and although there are specific recipes apt for the festivities, people generally blend authentic recipes with the contemporary ones to .e up with exclusive Diwali sweets. The most popular Diwali mthai include Kaju Brafi, Kaju Katli, Bundi Ladoo, and Almond Seera. They make ideal gifts, especially if you are contemplating to send Diwali sweets to India. Traditional sweets like kheer and maava gunjiya also gain prominence as the most popular Diwali sweets. Diwali Sweet Shops: In addition to firecracker stores and apparel stores, sweet shops also gain prominence during Diwali. They are laden with scrumptious sweet, garnished with silver foil, chopped nuts and the extra dash of flavor especially for Diwali. Diwali mithai are often wrapped in exquisite looking sweet boxes which enhance the appeal of gifts. Yes, Diwali mithai in exclusive sweet boxes make excellent Diwali gifts. Online marts have an impressive collection of Diwali sweets and other .bo gifts. Besides, online destinations have emerged as the ideal bet to send Diwali sweets to India. Diwali sweets for the health conscious: Health conscious people form a significant proportion of the sweet consuming population. Not only are they health conscious but they also wish to maintain a calorie-balance during the festive season. Gourmets are extra careful about what they eat and prefer to binge on tasty yet healthy Diwali mithai. Less fat, no sugar or artificially sweetened Diwali mithai gains prominence for the health conscious. Cutting down on fats, sugar and extra preservative and food color is the mantra for healthy Diwali sweets. Dry fruit platter- A Better Bet? Diwali is important for revelers and non revelers as it is one of those rare festivals which embrace the entire nation in harmony. Corporate organizations include Diwali celebrations as an important part of the agenda and ascertain that all the employees from diverse backgrounds are involved in the festivities. Be it Rangoli .petition or exchange of gifts, the events enhance the solidarity of the work force. Corporate gifts are an integral part of the Diwali celebration in India and are indispensable to any organization. Dry fruits and Diwali sweets are an integral part of corporate gifting. In addition to physical stores, online marts are also the ideal stop to send Diwali sweets to India. The impressive collection of dry fruit boxes and other .bo gifts enhances the shopping experience. Although we wonder if dry fruits have replaced Diwali mithai, the ongoing developments prove otherwise. The burgeoning trends in Diwali mithai, the newer recipes and specific sweets for the health conscious, organic sweets and other inventions, have discarded the myth about dry fruits replacing sweets. Diwali mithai have managed to maintain their stand, even amongst the obesity and diabetes fighting population. They are ac.panied with any gift, big or small and have a prominent place in the Diwali celebrations. Diwali sweets therefore have almost be.e synonymous to Diwali, the festival of love, cheer, laughter and lights. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: