Doctors teach you breast self-examination!

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teach you a minute breast self-examination breast

check the best time for breast

women of normal menstruation, menstrual cramps after third ~ 5 days is the best time for breast examination.

how to check your breasts

the first step: first, standing in front of the mirror, hands on hips, shoulders naturally flat.

at this point, you should observe the following:

‘s breast size, shape and color of the skin and is the same as before;

the breast shape is flat, there is no local deformation or swelling.

if you find any of the following changes, you should seek medical advice immediately:

‘s skin has dimples like change, local fold, local bulge;

the nipple change or nipple;

The emergence of

breast skin redness, pain, edema and rash.

second steps: now, put your hands on your head, and then check the same content.

third step: stand in front of the mirror, gently with your thumb and forefinger squeeze the nipple (both sides), check whether the nipple secretions (secretions can be milky white, yellow or bloody).

the fourth step: next, lying down and touch the breast, right and left hand to check the left breast check the right breast.

In less

fingers (usually the forefinger and middle finger, the first and two finger knuckles) smooth touch breast, check to fingers horizontally, together, including to check down to the clavicle, rib to axillary, internal to the sternum and the content of the examination is not lumpsof.

to ensure the complete examination of the entire breast not missing, can follow the following pattern: from the beginning to draw a circle of the nipple, breast form moving until the edge or under the vertical movement of the fingers, covering the entire breast. Start with a gentle touch to check the subcutaneous tissue of the breast; then, add a little pressure to check the deep breast tissue, so that the whole breast tissue is examined.

fifth step: last;