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Dongyu Zhou starred in "July and still" bestie   emotion clue — Culture — original title: "in July and she" bestie love into the mainline is different from the previous youth with male and female love as the main line, "July and still" double female main mode, love between the two heroines bestie across ten years as the theme. By Peter Chan, producer Xu Yuezhen, directed by Derek Tsang, Dongyu Zhou, Ma Sichun, Li Chengbin starred in the movie "in July and she" in Beijing yesterday’s premiere, the film will be released on September 14th. The film adapted from Anne baby 18 years ago, the same name became famous, but made a lot of changes to the original. The novel in July and still belongs to the two girls, quite the opposite, one is excellent in character and learning girl, is a carefree rebellious female. But at the end of the film, the two men are not as big as the contrast in the novel, but the shadow of each other. As a typical 80 Girls movie, the film did not like the other domestic youth film, built a lot of nostalgic elements, but will change friendship between July and quiet as a key content. In the shower, lying on a bed night scene, is a lot of girls and bestie have experienced things. Talk about why girls know, director Derek Tsang admitted that because his father Eric Tsang long outside shooting, he had a woman tied in the heap, a look at some of the leading female love of books and movies, want to know how they think the problem. As a native of Hongkong director Derek Tsang was also worried that the movie will start with the mainland of the gas, but the feedback producer Peter Chan’s encouragement and the actors make him more and more confident, "in the movie background or props is not the most important, human and human nature is the key thing I want to say as long as the sincerity, to shoot a story, film is not a problem where." (Yuan Yuner) (Chen Yuan Shiyao, commissioning editor: soup)相关的主题文章: