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"Donkey" water exposure "a joke" Notice of exposing the true colors – Sohu entertainment comic donkey donkey "water" through the version according to the work — distant love "donkey have self bar" water "through the version according to the work — Allison donkey water" iron man through the version — to work according to Mr. Sun Click to enter [River] HD Photo Sohu entertainment comedy movie "happy twist second donkey water" released soon, the film side exposed today "a joke" trailer, but also satisfy the curiosity tempt the appetite of fans. Notice to explain "donkey water" three word meaning, the film story for the first time clearly shows, actors between sparks bursting point, mutual Biao acting out, saying it is the subject of ridicule between thought-provoking emerge in an endless stream. Since the opening of the film by Ang Lee roadshow, Queen photographer Lin Liangzhong featuring photography guide, will be landing in theaters nationwide on October 28th.     ultimate notice exposing drama director broke the story "the origin of the case in a joke" movie "donkey" water adaptation of ultra high reputation and happy twist drama, "a gilded signboard" strong combination, the film since the release of file information, will be subject to strong concern in the industry and the majority of fans. But there are still a lot of "unknown truth," the audience asked: "donkey water" actually tell a story? After the director Zhou Shen said, this is a story about a series of wrong things some people do for good purposes, the final result is out of control; and broke the news, this story comes from oneself with a joke sounds friends for dinner: "I was listening to think this is a great start, like a small snowball a little push, can roll into big snowball." Today, the "party piece exposed a joke" trailer, then this "joke" really opened. From the trailer can be seen, the story of the origin is a full-time water donkey was about a teacher, and was named "the donkey of water". In the event of a survey on the eve of coppersmith posing as "donkey water" to the teacher, after a night of emergency training to muddle through, has been an accident. The parties for their own interests contradiction since four, triggered a series of hilarious anecdotes. Actress Ren Suxi plays a man is one of the highlights of the film, from the trailer can be seen in a romantic man, with free training, when a "leg" clamping "a smile. The character also revealed: Paul school principals, clever, first think of impostor measures; the Ombudsman cunning sinister, Ayutthaya deep; and coppersmith before and after metamorphosis, wife diaoman and coppersmith also presented one by one in front of. Ang Lee’s construction of "water" donkey photography absurd humor atmosphere in addition to the rhythm of the story "the striking one snag after another, the movie screen and image style" is also the donkey water film to add a lot of magic and humor. Ang Lee served as the "Family Trilogy" for "the photography guide Lin Liang Zhong donkey water" image style checks, with a picture of constructing remote town in the absurd and the scorching sun. Lin Liangzhong said, because Zhou Shen, Liu Lu hope the drought occurred in the film out of strong story, hope that day. The images are strong sunshine like desert feeling, but the location although yang.相关的主题文章: