Don’t wait for what you have lost, belatedly sugus

Don’t wait for what you have lost, belatedly public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more wonderful original content! The source said: love never miss the treasure worthy of your people don’t lose what you cherish, belatedly 1 I admit and apologize are already too late what is lost? After losing the fear and loneliness, when you come to understand that a moment, the tide swept instantly flooded all thoughts, suddenly lost and desperate, utterly routed. Xiao Jia said, as she now, live like a real puppet, not throwing objects can act like a spoiled child, the person is not a wanton willful. No one is willing to spoil all her bad temper, no one is willing to pay for all her emotions. Is she crazy in the street to get mad, when ADA bought tea severely hit on the ground. This time, ADA turned away, not to hold small Scarlett, did not explain softly, leaving only one "we really end", subdued tone, calm and terrible. ADA is a good temper and pet girlfriend, can put the gas to ADA away about the mood is also accumulated to the highest point to the outbreak. Xiao Jia a person squatting corner to cry for a long time, the streets coming and going, only a few uncle aunt stopped pointing and then dispersed, more people are hurried. The people most want to see the inside of the heart, think deserved should appear, should be ran to her in my arms again, should the man trying to coax her into all the way to amuse her, but did not appear again. I heard later, Xiao Jia waited by the door to ADA, a real sincere apology, hope ADA last forgive her rudeness and capricious. So proud of a girl, never willing to lay down their princess shelf, can bow, that really feel some of the excessive. For the last time, you don’t want others to give. Small Scarlett finally feel the pain, the pain of hindsight, that know really lost only regret from the bottom of my heart. ADA’s silence and no response, officially declared the end of this relationship, but also really hard to tell Xiao Jia, she really lost a lover. "Would rather have never had, probably also not so uncomfortable to die." This is a small Jia in the circle of friends. I can understand the pain in the small Jiaxiesi bottom, also understand that this is a painful price do not understand treasure, accustomed to play continuously for don’t understand the role of pay in the love, accustomed to each other’s good for granted, accustomed to face no treatment, also used in his own the other was tossing around. And all this, she never realized that when she understood, only to find that no matter how much effort can not be redeemed. I suddenly think of a word: "life is the most painful is not never owned, but once the good and happy belong to me." Because it happened that good, so lost in the moment is terrible pain. If it’s not in the first place相关的主题文章: