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Play female thank Jane Zhang clarify the rumors: Mistress Zhang have independent judgment – Sohu entertainment drama female thank Jane Zhang to clarify the rumors mistress Sohu entertainment news yesterday (9 days) Jane Zhang issued a letter to the mother of the public "open letter", directed at her daughter Jane Zhang fiance Feng Ke transfer of property, not worth relying on her daughter. Then Jane Zhang responded to the matter, said his family to deal with their own, and also said that the property will be transferred to the name of Jane Zhang, Feng Ke. Seems to be the end of the event, in fact, on the evening of October 9th, some friends broke the news that Feng Ke derailed in the drama of the students, the third was also a fan of Jane Zhang. 10 am, Jane Zhang in response to the small three, micro-blog: this thing is just my family communication problems, please do not put innocent girl @ yuan sophomore D involved in the story! Yoyo is my good friend, the first two days we still eat together. Those who did not affect things, please don’t damage make groundless accusations a little girl’s reputation!" The micro-blog name, Yuan sophomore D friends suspected of being mentioned in the news in the drama of female students. After that, the name of the play girl also issued a document to thank Jane Zhang’s clarification: Thank you, little Zhang Chengqing, the first time the life scared die, countless friends and classmates were harassed, I really feel sorry for you! There are about love, affection, I believe that Zhang has its own independent judgment, please give her some private space ah!"相关的主题文章: