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That drink coffee melee 5 yuan market that coffee market with Starbucks’s entry into the competitive climax. In addition to Starbucks, Coca-Cola, Nestle, unity, Suntory and other enterprises are also ready to drink coffee market ambition is not small. With Coca-Cola’s Joe Ya coffee as an example, has poured into the Chinese market for two years, unity also ready to drink coffee market moves frequently, its jahath coffee by means of entertainment programs enhance brand awareness. However, the industry pointed out that although the big buildings, but Nestle market position is still difficult to shake, but the future competition will be more intense, with the price of 5 yuan will become the main battlefield, Starbucks more than 15 yuan price will be temporarily safe. Big frequency test the water, that is, China’s coffee and drink beverage market is very large, and has great potential for growth in the next three years is expected to further increase of 20%." The day before, Beijing daily in an interview with reporters, Starbucks is introduced China drink coffee market, this is also the reason why the company and Kangshifu instant coffee market reached cooperation. It is reported that in mid September Starbucks launched in China in line with the tastes of Chinese consumers prefer bottled Star Ice music products, supermarkets, convenience stores and electricity supplier as a key channel 4. "Before, in the retail channel will also be able to see the glass bottles of Starbucks coffee products, but these products are imported, and there is no mass production, but the products of large-scale distribution." Starbucks stakeholders are introduced. It is worth mentioning that, Starbucks to enter the Chinese drink coffee market, there is also a strong partner, that is the master. In this cooperation, Starbucks will be responsible for product research and development, and is responsible for the production and sale of the master. Industry sources said the two giants together, will drink coffee market spoiler. In fact, more than a Starbucks, in addition to consumers are familiar with Nestle, other beverage giants will soon drink coffee business frequently. For example, at the beginning of this year, Wahaha launched the cat cafe, as Wahaha in 2016 the first new, this is the coffee price 5.5 yuan, mainly for the first-tier cities market. "Only the Beijing market, in 2016 that coffee sales will reach 200 million yuan, an increase of about 18%." At that time people such as Wahaha is introduced. In addition, the introduction of Coca-Cola coffee has two years. In reviewing the market performance of the product, Coca-Cola to the Beijing Business Daily reporter, said: since the end of 2014 in some cities in China since the listing, Qiao Ya has rapidly ranked among the mainstream products. And the future will continue to focus on the development of the channel, the product will be brought to more potential provinces, and to adapt to the tastes of Chinese consumers, at the right time to introduce some unique taste." Pattern has not yet been changed, before 2003, the domestic coffee drinks market is in the initial stage of enlightenment, did not form a large sales volume. With the increasing diversification of the beverage market, the breakdown of endless categories, that is, coffee has made considerable progress. 2003-2008, unified and strong debut, continued to force Nestle, kraft and other foreign companies, domestic instant coffee market entered a phase of rapid growth, the compound growth rate of the overall sales"相关的主题文章: