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As early as the Spring Festival next year   selling tickets in advance — Liaoning channel — people.com.cn original title: early next year the Spring Festival tickets in advance sales of the original title: early next year the Spring Festival tickets in advance selling reporters from ctrip.com learned that due to the 2017 Spring Festival holiday time earlier, this year’s "eleven" just after the spring festival ticket unexpectedly entered sales period, earlier than usual for a month or so. Ctrip ticket experts said, according to the Convention, the general spring ticket 3 months in advance into the hot phase, but because of the Spring Festival next year earlier, January 27th is the new year’s Eve, after entering in October, some popular home airline bookings have risen sharply, such as the deep North of Guangzhou to Chengdu, Chongqing, Kunming, Guiyang, Harbin and other popular return route the reservation one or two days before the new year’s Eve ticket, the price has risen to 20 percent off, is expected by the end of the year, prices will further increase, there may even be hard to get a vote. During the Spring Festival, passengers returning home or travel planning can book tickets in advance." The expert reminds, from October 30th onwards, civil aviation will be China summer season into the winter flight season, some flights will change the reservation time, travel time in October 30th after the passenger ticket, check again the best flight information before departure, so as not to delay the trip time change. In addition, Ctrip and where to go to the latest data released by the network show that the current decline in more than 100% of the route, select the current to mid December travel, you can save a lot of ticket spending. Among them, the domestic popular tourist routes generally fall to below 60 percent off; international routes are the same, fares are even low to half of the price during the "eleven" period. (reporter Meng Huan) (Tang Long yuan, commissioning editor: filial piety) 明年过年早 春节机票提前热销–辽宁频道–人民网 原标题:明年过年早 春节机票提前热销   原标题:明年过年早 春节机票提前热销   记者从携程旅行网了解到,由于2017年春节放假时间较早,今年的“十一”刚过,春运机票就意外地进入热销期,比往年提早了一个月左右。   携程机票专家表示,根据惯例,春运机票一般提前3个月进入热销期,但由于明年春节时间早,1月27日就是除夕,进入10月后,一些热门返乡航线的预订量已大幅上升,如北上广深飞往成都、重庆、昆明、贵阳、哈尔滨等热门返乡航线,目前预订除夕前一两天的机票,价格已涨到8折上下,预计到年末,价格还将进一步大幅度上升,甚至可能出现一票难求。   “春节期间有返乡或旅游规划的旅客现在可以提前订票了。”专家提醒,从10月30日起,中国民航将由夏秋航季转入冬春航季,部分航班起降时刻会发生变化,预订出行时间在10月30日以后机票的旅客,最好在出发前再核对一遍航班信息,以免时刻变动,耽误行程。   此外,携程旅行网和去哪儿网公布的最新数据显示,目前部分航线降幅超过100%,选择当下至12月中旬出行,可以节省大笔机票开支。其中,国内热门旅游航线普遍回落至4折以下;国际航线也是一样,票价甚至低至“十一”期间价格的一半。(记者孟环) (责编:孝媛、汤龙)相关的主题文章: