[East Himalaya] (29) goodbye, Himalaya


24.83 km on foot, about 10 hours;

cumulative rise of 1334 meters, down by 2046 m;

maximum 3632 meters, a minimum of 2547 meters, camp elevation of 2876 meters

difficulty. Strength assumes * * * *


27.1. looking back at Mount Everest

Kenjoma from the hotel to the south of the pool, a lot of platform, can see Luo Zi, grandma and Mount Everest. Luo Zi’s most spectacular Mount Everest, hiding in the Luo Zi behind, revealing only the Pyramid mountain high. This is the focus of the chapter in dry City Jiahe Makalu, from Luo Zi Gou, no detour to Mount Everest base camp, so the only way back to the Mount Everest today.


So many

met the hiker, EBC is really worthy of hiking routes ranked first in the world, people in Europe and the United States, to seventy or eighty years old, small teenager to young middle, but few Asians, Chinese less. There are many yaks on the road, often to give them the way. About 1.5 hours, and I Oh le the first to reach the South pool, Nepal local card signal. Hastened to the Internet, made a WeChat. Missing more than and 20 days, quickly told me the whereabouts of friends and family to rest assured.

27.3. bridge to bridge to

left the pool all the way downhill, along the way a lot of villages, all the inn, tea houses and shops. From time to time over the chain bridge, today is a bridge up, don’t remember how many times before the bridge, at least seven or eight times. Although 9 years ago through EBC, but many places have no impression, just remember a few big landmarks. Along the way, the most attractive to me is the inn that is full of flowers. If time permits, I would like to sit down and have a cup of coffee and enjoy it, but we have to go on our way today.

27.4. goodbye, Himalayan

about half past eleven, we arrived at the Mount Everest National Park Service, waiting for Chhiri to register. ;