Eat mushrooms back to Beilun, Yunnan, a family of seven poisoning into the hospital solid converter

Eat the mushrooms back to Beilun, Yunnan, a family of seven into the hospital yesterday was the Mid Autumn Festival, a family reunion is a happy thing. However, for Li Dengzhong, who lives in Beilun, this festival has had enough bad luck, a family of seven mushrooms due to eat Yunnan, all were sent to the hospital resuscitation room. A family reunion dinner poisoned seven people more than seven points last night, reporters in Beilun District People’s Hospital bathroom door met Li Dengzhong. He was pale, lips are blue, under the care of the hand slowly toward the emergency room to walk. Master Li, how are you now?" "Diarrhea, the whole people felt weak, and nausea, always slobber." Li Dengzhong said as he went along. They come from a Sichuan, working in Ningbo Beilun, we usually busy with work, there is little time together, while the Mid Autumn Festival, several siblings would discuss all family reunion dinner, can not think of, because eating a mushroom dishes, all seven people in the hospital. Why is it poisoned? Originally, not long ago, Li Dengzhong’s sister went on a trip to Yunnan, Yunnan back before a friend gave her some mushrooms, my sister has not been willing to eat, want to keep the family together to enjoy the mid autumn festival. Yesterday, Chinese food, several sisters and sisters burned a table full of food, the way to Yunnan mushrooms will soon be eaten up. Li Dengzhong said, after about half an hour or so, he had a physical reaction, after a long time, eat mushrooms have also appeared in response. People eat, only two Beilun natives live in peace. May not have seen such mushrooms, two people did not dare to open mouth to eat, so lucky to escape a robbery. The doctor confirmed that the Department of mushroom poisoning chief medical department Beilun District People’s hospital had Shan told reporters that seven patients with poisoning is 4 pm yesterday, 03 were sent to the hospital, and 4 of them have been transferred to Ningbo big hospital, another 3 patients in Beilun people’s Hospital for treatment. "We suggest to do hemodialysis in two adults side treatment, two adults do not agree, another boy, our hospital for children to do hemodialysis is not this condition, so that they sent to Ningbo city hospital, but the family did not agree with their referral, so the child will continue to stay in our hospital pediatric hospital Department of hospital." Section chief said, according to the doctor diagnosed, you can judge Li Dengzhong seven for mushroom poisoning. It is reported that yesterday about 5:50 in the evening, a 14 year old girl has been transferred to Ningbo city hospital emergency room for treatment, and a child who was sent to the first hospital of Ningbo city. As of press time reporter, two children’s vital signs stable, but has been shouting stomach pain, as well as vomiting symptoms. The link to Ningbo also have a lot of poisonous mushrooms in recent years, all over the country have occurred edible wild mushroom poisoning. Ningbo botanist Lin Hailun said, taking Ningbo as an example, every summer to October, the weather is hot and humid, is the growing season of various mushrooms, wild mushroom poisoning is a period of high incidence. According to the records, there are at least 500 kinds of poisonous wild mushrooms in China相关的主题文章: