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UnCategorized Whether you are in to Asian religions, movies, jewelry or antiques, eBay India ebay.in is the perfect place to start your search. However, eBay India may not be the best place to buy products if you live outside of India because many sellers only ship domestically. Nevertheless, the website is a one-stop shop to find out about various fields of interest without having to surf through various websites. If Indian jewelry takes your fancy, for example, check eBay India for all the latest designs and trends and then you can look for those particular styles at an Indian jewelry store or exhibition in the country where you live. Alternatively if you have a friend or coworker from India, you could pay them via Paypal and ask for the product to be shipped to heir address in India and you can get it to from them at a later date. EBay India doesn’t accept Paypal; instead it has its own service called PaisaPay. Paisa, in Hindi, the official language of India, means money and hence the name. However, by surfing their site it is clear that many users have had problems with PaisaPay and therefore usually use bank transfers or money orders as modes of payment. EBay India may be a good place to visit if you live in a neighboring country and know people who frequently visit India. This is because many neighbors like Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal do not have their own eBay sites. Unique Features There is a unique feature on eBay India that allows you to search for 1 rupee auctions. To give you an idea of the value of one rupee it would be fair to compare that 1US dollar is equal to around 50 Indian rupees, so 1 rupee would be something like 2 cents. Some experienced sellers list their items for a rupee and then charge heavily on shipping and hence save on eBay fees. Others just want to see how high the bid will go and therefore save on their list price by starting this low. Another different feature on eBay India is that unlike ebay.com where you can view items listed in order of time ending or price, eBay India offers you many more options. You can choose and ascending or descending order for used items to new and vice versa or distance, closest to farthest and whether they accept PaisaPay or not. India is a big country and often times the proximity to the item can be a deciding factor if the person can actually pick up the product rather than pay for shipping. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: