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Eddie Peng boarded the double cover retro color display southeast aristocratic temperament Sohu Eddie Peng dressed in black leather jacket Eddie Peng entertainment retro tone large Sohu entertainment Eddie Peng recently a group of early autumn to seize large Singapore & Malaysia double magazine cover, he wore a black leather fur collar, sideways gaze shot, after lying in meditation, bring warm light and coffee the background color, exudes melancholy mysterious noble temperament. Shooting a group of plaid jacket style, Eddie Peng holding a black hat, props in the hands of more active nature, the "backhand skill cap" smooth movements and expressive marks, so the photographer to capture time. Recently, Eddie Peng film ushered in the harvest season, in addition to a series of boarded around fashion magazine, the latest film "the Mekong" also recently exposed a personal notice, Eddie Peng’s super intelligence officer Fang Xinwu came true. Due to the potential to finish the task in drug line, Eddie Peng in the film "Avatar facelift ruthless role, saying:" Eddie partner Zhang Hanyu’s face for a moment while square round, not with the kind of heavy." The intermittent shooting incarnation of "Mermaid" Eddie Peng, a group of autumn blockbuster on the double cover, he wore a black leather jacket, collar slightly open, mature hair neat collocation of some noble flavor, but also to the clavicle partly hidden and partly visible complicated autumn adds a little small sexy. Shooting a group of other cover, in accordance with the requirements of the photographer Eddie Peng, leaned on the ground, arms crossed, head pillowed on the arm, showing a very comfortable posture, and collocation with deep coffee color backdrop with warm yellow lights, there are fans called "saw Eddie Peng sleeping." Shoot the gap, Eddie Peng will hold up the upper body side, legs crossed, put Mermaid pose accidentally, is very interesting. Different from the usual blockbusters in a positive, Eddie Peng in this group of pictures in Yan side show, chiseled face revealed different means, even more mystery. It is worth mentioning that, shooting a group of plaid blazer, Eddie Peng volunteered to be a black hat as collocation, in support of the photographer, he will throw the hat over in front of the body, the hat fell immediately behind the backhand catch, to take good photos of this, and Eddie Peng tried a dozen second, the staff laughed and said: "Eddie Peng is practicing acrobatics talent, it seems so much drama training do not white." The Chinese guy playing hard brown variable "Mekong" is different from the large fashion in the clean cut, Eddie Peng in the upcoming new works "action" in the Mekong River, all the big face, he said: "the magazine is changing clothes, or simply a change of hairstyle, but this time in the movie, I did change the." Even actor Zhang Hanyu also said: "every day I watched the director of the Eddie to the party for a while? A round face, not with the kind of heavy!" In the film, Eddie Peng’s character is lurking in the first-line drug action of the agent, the identity is very mysterious, because of the need of the drug crime and narco switching between identity, so he needs to staged the metamorphosis in response to the changing situation. Eddie Peng said: "the director wants me.相关的主题文章: