Egypt’s Supreme Court of appeal revoked former president Mulsi’s death sentence – Sohu news-97179

The Supreme Court of appeal of Egypt’s former president Mulsi revoked the death penalty – Sohu news according to Egypt’s official media Middle East News Agency reported that the Supreme Court of Appeal ruled Egypt for 15 days, after the revocation of the former Egyptian President Hosni Mulsi for the 2011 jailbreak case made the death sentence, and announced a retrial. The ruling also includes 5 other defendants together with Mulsi, including the Egyptian official was listed as a terrorist organization of the Muslim Brotherhood (Mu Xionghui) guidance Bureau of the highest decision-making body of former president Mohamed Badia?. In May 16, 2015, Mr morsi was the Cairo criminal court sentenced to death, he was accused of mass protests in Egypt in January 2011 when the implementation of escape and assaulting a police officer. In January 27, 2011, the brotherhood announced that it will join the protests against President Mubarak morsi and the brotherhood, was arrested after some other leaders. Since then, Egypt’s massive free jailbreak, Mr morsi et al. Mulsi and several other Muslim Brotherhood leaders and the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) and Hezbollah members jointly charged for planning and implementation of the escape action, including the impact of armed wadi Mulsi held? Naitelun prison 3 prison, kidnapping police officers, led more than 50 police officers and prisoners of death, more than 20 thousand prisoners escaped and caused a lot of property loss. Mulsi from the Muslim Brotherhood in 2012 was elected as the first elected president of Egypt, a year after the ruling in the mass demonstrations were dismissed by the Egyptian military. Mulsi has also been sentenced to life imprisonment and life imprisonment in several trials for several reasons, including illegal detention, violent crackdown on demonstrators and espionage. According to Egyptian law, Mr morsi has the right to appeal against the verdict, the Supreme Court will ultimately make a final ruling.相关的主题文章: