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EN "white" Defender of fixing the continuation of the classic past heroic epic entertainment Sohu – white en   Sohu entertainment news recently, directed by Zhang Siyang Liao Xi, featuring a common grace, Wang Lu, white, Ming he starred in the movie as "defenders" has been officially fixing. The film mainly represents the August 1937 battle of Shanghai broke out, then the National Revolutionary Army 292 brigade ninety-eighth division 583 regiment three battalion commander of the battalion commander Yao Ziqing was ordered to stick to the end of the heroic sacrifice the deeds of treasure mountain. The young actor who plays the male ex white beam Yao Ziqing, the soldiers of the border in the face of life and death, and to hold the enemy war, positive interpretation of heroic and bear interests, compose a perfect epic Memorial worth. In the film, playing well and keep dreaming and white in the golden age, the righteous spirit and full of passion and blood "treasure mountain hero" Yao Ziqing is a small man, represent the feelings, is the true to life the rare stereo role. White Yao Ziqing in the war En will unswervingly show a sense of hierarchy, including the changes in eyes with the most optimistic attitude to complete one of the most tragic things, from the ocean at once even cavity enthusiasm, to the late calm and resolute determination, it deduced the "image of a revolutionary hero brave and optimistic there is, as a wise,". The movie "defender" in respect of the history of the premise, a high degree of reduction of the hero’s image of Yao Ziqing, which has become one of the reasons to attract the white grace took the role. In order to be able to be the hero image of the perfect present, except for the deeper inner character, let oneself have a close tie with the role, but also to overcome the social background and the core to grasp the characters. Played the hero Zhao Shangzhi in the "Anti Japanese hero Zhao Shangzhi" in white well, once again challenge for true stories adapted the origin of heroes, abandon the traditional monotonous "perfect" and "cold", pay more attention to the understanding and grace of the white precipitation character, deep level, multi angle gives vitality and life role unique. In recent years, more and more active in the white screen, as one of the men’s TV series, "Hou Tianming’s dream" to show the real performance of the white grace. It is reported that white grace also joined the remake of a popular cartoon of the same name in Japan’s urban drama "late night dining room", in which the unit as the hero of "noodles". Bai Yi will be through more different identity, different levels, different character roles, to enrich the dream of the development of the interpretation of the road.相关的主题文章: