ESPN analysis of the two years of Kobe’s career number 8 is better than number 24 (video) ()

ESPN analysis of the two years of Kobe’s career in the past ten years: No. 8 is stronger than the legend of the number 24! Emotional micro film reviews Kobe occupation career sports news August 25th (the Tencent Kevin Pelton ESPN senior writer) No. 8 and No. 24 is number two Kobe occupation career through, the government of Losangeles has designated August 24th as "Kobe day". That number 8 and number 24, Kobe should choose to retire which number? Or 8 and No. 24 Kobe, which period he stronger? Kobe No. 8 was stronger than the 24 of Kobe in history Kobe has just entered the League chose the number 8 shirt, some people think that he chose this number has a relationship with Anthony. Kobe grew up in Italy, and when DAntoni was in Italy to play, he wears the number 8, was a childhood Kobe as their idols. Just for the choice of 8 from DAntoni’s argument, has never been confirmed by Kobe. Kobe’s own explanation is that he became a professional player before joining the Adidas training camp, was wearing the number is 143. Kobe joined the Lakers after the selection of 8, because the 8 is the sum of 1, 4, and. Wearing the number 8 shirt, Kobe O’neal with the three championship, but also had some amazing performance, such as the Raptors scored 81 points. But in 2006, Kobe lost to DAntoni coached the suns in the first round of the playoffs, he decided to change the number, to greet a new beginning. Kobe chose to change number 8 to number 24. In high school, Kobe will wear the number 24, then he will be replaced by the number 33, this is his father had donned the number. Wearing the number 24 Jersey in the NBA, Kobe led the Lakers to 3 NBA Finals, won the championship two times. Although the last few years of his career suffered serious injuries, but Kobe wearing 8 and No. 24 during the data are very similar. Kobe wore the number 8 hit 10 season, played 707 matches of 25239 minutes, 16866 points and 3634 rebounds, 3148 assists and 1059 steals and 431 blocks, wearing the number 24 also played 10 seasons, a total of 639 matches of 23398 minutes, 16777 points and 3413 rebounds and 3158 assists and 885 steals and 209 blocks. 24 Kobe: the offense is even better after the season suffered severe injuries in the 10 season, wearing the number 24 Jersey to wear the number less than the number of jerseys played nearly 70 games, but the total score of only less than 109 points in the game, the number of players to wear the number 8. The reason is that the 24 period of Kobe’s offensive efficiency is higher, every 36 minutes to get a score of 25.8, while the number of the period of the Kobe every 36 minutes to get 24.1 points. Kobe’s most offensive season is the 2005-06 season, the last season of his 8 season. But overall, Kobe’s first 10 seasons to share the ball with O’neal. Even in the first 2 seasons of his career, Kobe has not been as offensive as Van AiKeSaiEr and then in the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the war. To the next ten years, Kobe is the absolute leader of the team, enjoy the absolute right to shoot, his score naturally higher, which is not surprising. After ten years of career, Kobe ball right to use up to 33%, compared with the first ten years of his career has increased by 30.7%..相关的主题文章: