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Explosive free! In July nearly five years of negative growth for the first time at the box office sitting on a large IP and small meat "unsatisfactory" Tomb notes "box office trainee reporter Lu Yier summer coming to an end, and the last" catch demon "," journey to the west "and" the return of the king "three" pancake man domestic explosion triggered viewing frenzy the lively compared to July and August of this year, some of the dull. Look at the box office statistics, in July less than the same period last year nearly 1 billion yuan, the end of August was essentially flat with last year, at three to 50% growth rate to. This pot of cold water in the Chinese film industry continues to heat up when poured down is not necessarily a bad thing, it makes more and more people begin to think calmly: it is time to slow down and drop "fire". Ang Lee two months ago at the Shanghai Film Festival speech can be said to be accurate to the summer of this year’s warning: don’t let China movie too quickly, follow the trend will let the audience fatigued, the film quality is not only by the one or two big star will be able to hold up. No 1 billion summer movie in July last year, 5 billion 500 million yuan at the box office to create a China history’s first single month at the box office breaking the record of 5 billion, three of the explosion contracted nearly 4 billion 400 million; and in July and August this year, more than 90 movie film, although the number of similar to last year, but can not reproduce the box office miracle. According to arts grace think tank data show that in July the total box office for the year of 4 billion 513 million, 18% lower than the same period last year, this is the first time in five years China film summer box office appeared negative growth, but this year the mainland box office third times monthly negative growth, while the previous year in July for real growth rates are above 30%. At present in August about 3 billion 600 million of the box office results are basically flat with the same period last year. At the same time, the last three phenomenal movie box office is 2 billion, level 1 billion, and the two months without a movie at the box office over 1 billion, is still in its "Tomb notes" as of yesterday to 970 million at the box office. Were high hopes for the summer "magazine" almost misfiring, the reason, or perhaps from the most fundamental quality of film. According to statistics, after the release of the 94 film, made films of 84 accounted for 90%, while the watercress score more than 7 points, can be called a masterpiece of the film is only 10 of imported films including nearly half of the rest of the domestic film mostly between 3 to 6 points, no wonder users. "Most domestic films are not ridicule in the eyes of our spicy". Big IP small meat no longer Ling in the past two years, the film company is to see a "IP" to "buy buy buy" feel "with little meat is sitting on the world", but this summer after this wave of blind superstition may fade, because these two kind of "panacea" seems to have failed. The movie version of "Tomb notes" by Lu Han, Jing Bairan two bright little meat starring, both parties, investors or fans, eat Gualu people are looking forward to the assembly of two big "panacea" movie, but released more than and 20 days only produce less than 1 billion of the votes of real results however, watercress score 4.9 points and the following tricks but the center thought is "not the script)相关的主题文章: