Exposure to the right to take the initiative to test the echelon echelon ran away from home can not -kimi wo omou melodi

Juvenile exposure test failed to run away from home: the right to health echelon cannot go to the right to health on the death of Geng son Han Phoenix sports news on November 24th news, according to micro-blog users broke the news, Tianjin a 11 year old boy because a few days ago in Tianjin for the right to health team failed, leaving a letter and did not return home. The family through various channels in the case of extremely anxious issued notices to mobilize all social forces to search for, through unremitting efforts, the Tianjin Municipal Public Security Bureau confirmed this morning, the runaway boy football has been found son Han geng. Netizen wrote: "in the micro-blog search: son Han Geng, born in November 26, 2004, the sixth grade students, 11 year old village primary school, on the evening of November 22, 2016 9 points away from home, wearing a light blue jacket and dark grey trousers, blue football shoes Adidas blue backpack toting movement, built-in football. Because a few days ago to apply for the Tianjin Football Club V echelon of the right to health is not successful, away from home, hope the universal circle of friends and micro-blog help forward, insiders call, have thanks again, hope children go home, family are crazy." Write this note proof son Han Geng Geng son Han boy named candidates because of right to health in Tianjin failed echelon while away from home, away from home before he returned home to write a "farewell letter" letter is as follows: "I didn’t choose the right to health is not my strength, after the right to health, TEDA is not the students, I even have no access to a team, the super? Don’t mention it. Take care of 2 puppies, don’t look for me, I want to fulfill my promise! Right Jianxuan I do not die. 2 puppies are very good, educate them, if you want me, look at them. I live, go to school is not as good as the streets, I hope someone to adopt me, football can not, learning not, what is the point of living? I wander the streets, if there is no shelter, I do not have to worry about, I went to the dead, I live with it, I feel happy. Even if I don’t call my school teacher, don’t look for me, worry about me, I won’t be bad. I saw him, hiding away, it is not, I kill him, let the other kids don’t get away, I can do so much. Don’t lose two puppies, I love pylons, if I die, I just want to have a childhood, my childhood buddy and happy time go over, time really fast, since I have so much. Buddies, you want to live, don’t take things too hard, maybe I can continue to live in this world, I have no face to see you, have no face to see my family, I saw in the super which team you can maybe later, then I only thank you, mom and dad. I haven’t lived, I do not dare to die, I just want to find a place to live like a little brother and he live together, don’t pay the rent, don’t find me, take care of 2 puppies, alive and well, although I can feed people when cattle and horses, live on the line!" Micro-blog. According to the latest news of Tianjin City Public Security Bureau official confirmed that the little boy ran away from home overnight was found Geng son Han, I hope the football children can enjoy football. Phoenix sports release this news, does not mean that any view in favor of the article.相关的主题文章: