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FA Cup: Battle of Guangzhou!! There will be a penalty shootout? Sohu Football Association Cup semi-final first leg of Guangzhou Hengda 2:2 Guangzhou R & F. If this game continues to play a 2:2 draw, the two sides will be the penalty winner. For this kind of stimulation, the coach of the two teams is how to think? As long as you can win promotion, do not mind the penalty shootout. Because goalkeeper Liu Dianzuo was decimating goalkeeper, he is very familiar with R & F players shooting style, so this is still very favorable for hengda. Of course, I’d prefer to be able to fight in 90 minutes." We did not practice penalties, I firmly believe that will not play a penalty shootout, of course, if you play a penalty shootout, then give Liu Dianzuo more than a test to see how much he is aware of the players. Well, in the end, people still want to work early, 90 minutes to resolve the fighting! Check the historical data of Guangzhou R & F is super inside and Hengda team the best performance contest, since the 2012 season, Guangzhou bodied in the Guangzhou derby against Hengda record of 4 wins 2 flat 5 negative, slightly disadvantage, the 2012 season had even beat Guangzhou Evergrande, is an extremely rare experience. FA Cup semi-final meeting gave the two sides this season the 4 chance to fight. In this season, the first time the confrontation between the two sides, Hengda has been at home to beat 2:0 R & F; but the second round, Guangzhou R & F in the home 2:1 reversal win. R & F, tonight you are not more organic? As the saying goes, sometimes mice can eat elephants, this game is very difficult, but we believe we can win hengda. Hengda is the Championship club, but with them several times before the game, we played well in the 2 to 1 win, the FA Cup first round draw, but they just barely last goal and we draw, they are lucky. Will keep 0-0 score to qualify? Hold 0 to 0 score? This is not my football philosophy, every ball I have only one goal, is to win. We can’t be conservative, we want to show our ambition, show our style, we want to win. (hey hey… Big ball has the opportunity) this is defined as R & D team since the most important battle of the game, R & F out of a high of 6 million yuan bonus. I believe there must be brave under heavy! Hengda boss Xu Jiayin met again in the mid autumn night also stressed that we must strive to double. It can be said that the Guangzhou derby is a hurdle to cross the hengda. The first round of the home hit 2 to 2 to dig a pit. Double crown or not temporarily look at this tonight. The last round of the league, R & F Hengda Hengda early 2, there is no physical disadvantage? I am very comfortable with my players, they are in good shape and ready for 100%. Team J Ma and Alan in the game and the injury is Liaozu not a big problem, can play. Huang Bowen knee, not sure whether to play. Then, 90 minutes is the guest without problems?? Two teams are very strong, Ming Q相关的主题文章: