Facebook support entity security keys USB network shield to protect information security

              entity security key is based on USB device

Facebook announced this week, has supported the entity security key, as a user authentication, security information security in second ways.

entity security key is based on the USB device, can generate a one-time encryption security code for the two step authentication mechanism in the system.

in most cases, the two step authentication mechanism in the security code will be sent to the user’s mobile phone text messages. The security key is a hardware based verification methods, to carry out security certification by insertion of the USB interface of the computer entity equipment.

to prevent phishing attacks and data leakage, the physical security key is considered more efficient than sms. Even if someone’s account password information disclosure, in the absence of security key case can not complete the login.

, however, the problem with Facebook is that the security key is only available in the latest version of Chrome and Opera browser. Facebook said that currently does not support Facebook mobile applications.

Facebook supports FIDO security key alliance based on U2F standard, such as Yubico YubiKey. Google, Dropbox, GitHub and Salesforce also provide key security based on U2F protocol.

Facebook pointed out that if the user supports the use of near field communication (NFC) function of the Android device, then you can use Yubico with NFC function keys, from Facebook’s mobile site login. However, this approach requires the device to install the latest version of the Chrome browser and Google Authenticator. If you want to add security key security settings menu, then you can go to Facebook, in the Login Approvals page according to the prompt set.

for small businesses, the security key provides a simple way to ensure online account security, to avoid malicious activity. Just rely on passwords can not effectively protect security, and many companies and individuals are using a simple password. At the same time, small and medium enterprises are also using more and more online platform to expand business operations, information security and data protection is becoming more important.