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Mobile-Cell-Phone Apple Inc has been on the top of the list for all the gadgets making .panies. The best way to think about Apple is to take it as the founder of breakthrough technology for smart devices. Steve Jobs worked wonders with his scientific intelligence he had and came out with the most different of all gadgets. The iPhone, iPad, iPod, Macbook, all have been outstanding on their functionality and services features. iPads and iPhones With iPads the world has changed its view for the smart tablets. I know all other .petitors have now been making the same tablets for ages, but this happened when only Apple introduced the smart tablets concepts. The iPad 2 has been regarded as one of the most intelligent devices that can work for you. Siri, the artificially intelligent assistant can help you with any function of the iPad and iPhone. .mand it to send emails, it will do so, without bothering you, to the same contacts you want. Call anyone through Siri and you will never have to dial any number by yourself, from your iPhone. Apps Many apps have been defined based on usability and user reviews. Nowadays the users need to carry only one gadget that can perform the functions of every other gadget they would have to carry around a decade ago. The apps have made the working much easier. Some of the apps that have changed the lives of people are as follows: 1) Amazon – It has been one of the very famous apps that have been downloaded frequently. It helps all those who love online shopping to buy anything from Amazon with the same effective use as on any laptop or any PC. You may not be able to use the full website on your phone or iPad but with this app you can load any products information and the website from Amazon very easily. 2) Chrome It is also one of the many downloaded and used apps. Chrome is regarded as the lightest of all software online in the inter. browser category. You can now use the app for Googling, browsing and for reaching out to millions of websites online. You can now browse on the inter. with this app easily. 3) Cloth It will help you with the decision over which clothes to wear on what day. You update the list with the types of clothes you have. It will forecast for you on which day according to the weather you should wear any dress, not repeating any dress in a week or so. 4) National park National Geographic is now on your tablet/iPhone. You do not need to worry if you have to see the show at 9 pm. It will tell you all about managing your time all day so you can get to that show at the exact time. You can view the schedule and the listings, and watch online documentaries through streaming as well. For more apps, you can log on to your account on iTunes and download free of cost what you want. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: