Father let his daughter to stay online to buy official Shanghai to study the case in Fanchang conclu 97179

Father let his daughter to stay online to buy official Shanghai to study the case in Fanchang concluded (data plan) according to major news reports for the children to find a strong faculty, teaching quality of the school, many parents wish, as the father of Liu Moumou too. Liu Moumou too confused — to let her stay in Shanghai to go to school, he was through the Internet to buy a gold seal of a police station, and that. Recently, Fanchang County People’s court heard the case, Liu Moumou guilty of selling seals of state organs crime was sentenced in accordance with law. Liu Fu’an City domicile County in Fujian Province, the Daughter Linda was born in October 2006 in Shanghai, Fu’an City, Fujian province domicile. With the growth of Xiao Ling day by day, can let her daughter stay in Shanghai to go to school, Liu became a piece of heart disease. At the end of December 2012, Liu decided to rush into danger, in his own business of Anhui investment management company office, from the Internet to buy a custom and "Songxi County Public Security Bureau police station Songyuan" seal, Linda for registration in a primary school of Shanghai city Songjiang District apply for admission procedures. Since then, Liu Moumou in my copy of the booklet stamped on the Sike seal, mailed to his wife for her daughter in Shanghai city to enroll in school. Liu Moumou this "camouflage" was initially with Linda successful school. But the so-called "no windtight wall", Liu Moumou Internet through the sale of state organs. The final seal of the criminal conspiracy has been unmasked. In October 2015, Liu was arrested police, after appearing in court truthfully confessed his crime. The court held that the defendant Liu Moumou for personal purposes, the sale of state organs through the Internet seal, undermine social order, and its behavior has constituted the crime of buying and selling state organs seal. In view of the fact that Liu has confessed the plot, can be given a lighter punishment according to law; the sale of seal has yet to social harmful consequences, the discretion of their sentences, then sentenced to imprisonment for six months, probation for one year. The reporter Intern       Rao Jian; Wu Xiaoxue Luo   drawing相关的主题文章: