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Father Roy Chiu Tse died of heart: this propaganda users not praise! [Abstract] Roy Chiu Tse revealed that his father passed away 14 am news, sad to convey the fans will be suspended updates and hope that "not to like". Roy Chiu Tse Roy Chiu Tse issued a document to save his father into showbiz Roy Chiu Tse lost his father not to like the Tencent issued entertainment news in November 14th, according to the "Taiwan news" reported that Roy Chiu Tse for nearly 15 years, to marry a woman "," will "rolling stone love story – the last tender" let the audience see him increasingly superb acting career, climbing peak. Love the car, there are insights for the life of him, often on social networking sites and fans to share life, however, the 14 day came to regret the news, Qiu dad passed away, hope he can take care of your fans. 14 am Roy Chiu Tse revealed that his father died a sad news, fans will be suspended to convey updates and hope that "not to like, it is not difficult to imagine his mood was a heavy blow, outside the fans also called for weeping, by the praise of friends able to respect the dead, and understand the feelings of the families" to praise back". In fact, Roy Chiu Tse from childhood experience parents divorced, father as a taxi driver to work every day 15, 16 hours, so he was forced to learn independent personality, the father and son are very hard, often conflict, tension, until the university one day father heart attack down, must be heart stent, a total medical expenses need about 100000 yuan, he was only 20 years old, raise money around after embarked on the road of entertainment.相关的主题文章: