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Female boss talk business drink liquor drunk driving 50 meters after the crash jingfangxingju with Bang Bang, a woman awakened from a deep tipsy, looked at his car and truck driving collided scene, she was scared. The accident happened at 20:35 on September 18th, the new airport Wenzhou Longwan Binhai Road and Binhai Road (formerly known as sea Avenue intersection). Later, a woman was found drunk driving, but she has poured a lot of grievances. A lady is Longwan Shacheng, do marble business, that night she and her husband in a farmhouse to eat and drink with friends. She said that night to drink really helpless, originally he had done an operation, can not drink, for a business, she pushed each other but Quanjiu, he braved the risk of relapse, drinking liquor. After the banquet, she saw her husband drunk and could not drive the car, but not lost in the farmhouse, he didn’t drink too much, my head was still awake, you take chances to drive on the road. Unexpectedly, just out of the farmhouse about 50 meters, she ran a red light, collided with a minivan. The accident caused two cars have varying degrees of damage to the front, the truck driver some minor abrasions. After the accident, the couple immediately get off. Police on duty next to the scene to deal with the accident. According to police reports, when a husband is drunk with a small truck driver argued, and a station not to utter a single word in the car, when he approached to a related investigation, a look to some confusion. Please show me your driver’s license, the police to the request of a certain item. Xiang Mou hesitated for a while and said, "forget to bring it home." And said to go home immediately, want to take the opportunity to leave. At this time, the police smelled a body of a taste, let her to stop immediately, but a continued fast walking, civilian police and the police immediately stopped a catch up. After the police requested a with drunk driving test, a very fit, even excitedly want to tear his chest clothes, framed police beat her. Finally, a stop the traffic police, after a blood test showed that, the alcohol content of 108mg 100ml, belonging to drunk driving, has been jingfangxingju. In this regard, the item is very remorseful, she said, really for business, did not take seriously the body, but also into the prison.相关的主题文章: