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Female master thief jailed for three years, "said books did not comment on the title Wohuo" – Beijing in Beijing, a famous university librarian Humou embezzlement, theft of precious ancient books from the library 440, 202 of which are her get online auction, the transaction amount up to more than 110 yuan. After the incident, the police seized the remaining 238 more than 500 volumes of books in their home. Yesterday, Humou guilty of embezzlement, was sentenced to 3 years in Haidian court of first instance, a fine of $300 thousand. The college more than 50 faculty members attended the trial. Female librarian stealing 440 ancient books in June 21, 2015, the Haidian police received the alarm that the University Library in the ancient books were stolen, and stolen books are on sale on a website. A week later, suspect Hu was arrested, the police seized a large number of books and a number of unsent with ancient courier parcels in her home. The 44 year old Hu graduate, in 2002 to enter a university library, then 2004 to the incident of ancient books in Library Special Collections librarian, responsible for cataloging and cataloging of ancient books. According to the prosecution allegations, from April 2014 to June 2015, the defendant Hu took advantage of his position, repeatedly stealing library books a total of 440 species, and some ancient books in the Confucius book auction site transactions, as of the 202 books were the success of the transaction, the transaction amount totaling more than 110 yuan, has been identified. A total of 141 kinds of ancient books to recover the value of more than 43 yuan. The police seized at his home in the library books lost 238, after identification, the value of more than 58 yuan. Prosecutors believe that the defendant Hu as a national staff, the use of his position to facilitate the theft of public property, should be held criminally responsible for corruption. Claiming theft motivation is "did not comment on the title Wohuo" according to Hu confession, she entered the library work has been more than ten years, the work is hard, but has several titles are not his share, a long time feel is the unit leadership and himself, "annoyed". She knew that the library has a large number of ancient books have not yet had time to register, there is no hope of promotion, she moved the idea of stealing ancient books. Since the beginning of 2014 in April, she used the school assigned to her collation of ancient books, the establishment of the database machine, from time to time will be drawn out of the library. To deceive the public, Hu will also ancient library on the one to pull off seal. In the old home in a heap more, she registered account books in the website, take the auction of books sold at the price of several thousand to ten thousand dollars. After the transaction, Hu express mail to the buyer by way of ancient books. The reporter learned that, in the 238 books about Hu home seized more than 500 books, she was stuffed with broken colored plastic bags or wrapped in newspaper, the brim to squeeze in the space above their wardrobe, like a pile of brick base plate at the foot of the bed side of the balcony on the floor. She will be the title of densely written in the book, 27 full page. Most of these are in the Qing Dynasty, the period of the Republic of China’s ancient books, many of them to preserve the integrity of the extremely precious rare books. After the Beijing 5相关的主题文章: