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Female students why easy single? The truth makes people cry out – Sohu motivated girls once before going abroad to set themselves an inspirational goal, such as a few years with CPA, CFA, 20 before the study admitted to graduate school, get scholarships, or get a big company Full Time Offer, or even a fit out the small muscles and so on but later with the increase of age, we found that all these efforts seem in his own death, the rest of the reason. Do not believe ah, I tell you: love laughing girl, usually are not bad luck, but high ability have an aura of girls, luck is not very good. Why, because they usually don’t believe in luck, I get all are on their own strength to earn. Well, a lot of boys, or that the traditional concept of serious boys, still really afraid of this girl. Oh, this girl is too strong, I can’t hold. Let’s not appropriate, you are so smart, I do not have a sense of security. Sorry, I don’t deserve you. I still love, the girl is not simply can not understand the feelings of a boy, in the years of experience abroad much a veteran in battle girl, really will be more strong. I once told my boyfriend to talk to this topic, he said the boys sometimes take into account their dignity, do not accept the existence of a much more powerful than their female friends. I said that you see Zhen? Not very strong, it was not very good? My boyfriend to face a black, then I know I say: dear, I did not say what ^_^ a good girl, how does China become like this? Ask the overseas experience what changes to a girl look, this is a problem full of tears. Because when we became the foreign country where the people loved by the people, we can hardly accepted by the Chinese. When we finally get a suntan into wheat color, they exclaimed: Oh, how do you like this black! When we acquired a full marathon in the physical, they exclaimed: Oh how your legs so thick!

女留学生为什么容易单身?真相让人哭出来-搜狐   上进的姑娘们都曾经出国前给自己定下一个个励志的目标,诸如几年内拿下CPA,CFA,考进前20名的研究生院,拿下奖学金,或者拿到大公司的Full Time Offer,甚至是练出一身健美的小肌肉等等   但后来随着年龄的增长,我们发现这一切努力貌似都在作死,成了自己剩下的理由。   不信啊,我讲给你听:   爱笑的女生,通常运气都不会太差,   但是高能力有气场的女生,运气都很不好。   为啥,因为她们通常不相信运气这种东西,老娘所有的获得都是靠自己实力挣来的。   恩对,很多男生,或者说传统观念严重的男生,还就真怕这种女生。   哎呀,这姑娘能力太强了,我压不住。   咱们不太合适,你太聪明了,我不太有安全感。   对不起,我配不上你。   我还是更喜欢,简单点的女生   也不是不能理解男生的感受,一个在国外历练多年身经百战见得多了的姑娘,的确会显得比较强势。   有一次我就跟我男朋友聊到这个话题的时候,他就说男生有时候要顾及自己的尊严,不太能接受一个比自己强大得多的女朋友存在。   我说,那你看甄?不是也很强么,不就过得挺不错么?   我男朋友听完脸一黑,   然后我就知道我说错话了:   亲爱的,算我没说好么 ^_^   一个好端端的姑娘,怎么出趟国就变成这样了?   问海外留学经历对一个女孩外貌能带来什么变化,这是一个满是泪水的问题。   因为   当我们变成了留学所在国人民喜闻乐见的那种人,我们就很难被国人接受了。   当我们终于把皮肤晒成了小麦色,他们在惊呼:天啊你怎么黑成这样!   当我们练就出全程马拉松的体力,他们在惊呼:天啊你腿怎么这么粗!相关的主题文章: