Feng Xiaogang guilty beat the phone talk about the new film This is the sincerity of the old directo yuanmu

Take Feng Xiaogang guilty of "mobile phone": This is a film about old director sincerity – Beijing Feng Xiaogang on "I am not Pan Jinlian" organizer for map Beijing Beijing September 15 Xinhua (reporter Zhang Xi) the evening of 14, 20 years of Feng Xiaogang’s comedy film screenings in Beijing ended, Feng Xiaogang went to the site, and the enthusiasm of the audience interactive. When it comes to directing the past 20 years, one of the most favorite works, Feng said the work as a child, every one is like, the most difficult is the "1942", but it is worth". 20 years of Feng Xiaogang’s comedy film screenings held by Iqiyi, for a period of four days, from September 11th to September 14th, the "Party B", "private custom", "If You Are The One", "mobile phone", "8" Be There Or Be Square Feng’s classic comedy in Beijing Jackie Chan McIlroy studios have reflected the exhibition. Feng Xiaogang recalls the "mobile phone" release events organizer for map on the evening of 14, the last game fans viewing the end of the time, Feng Xiaogang finale debut, and nearly 100 fans interaction. Since the day show is "mobile phone", Feng Xiaogang also wrote. I still remember the "mobile phone" during the release of a phenomenon, that is, men have their own quietly watching, watching that can not see with his wife." Feng Xiaogang recalled that when he was scolded a lot of male audience, "said why I took this boring film, there is news that a couple because of a dispute mobile phone broke up, I heard very guilty, think you do not make such a film, so they want me to take" 2 "hand machine, oh, no". Feng Xiaogang jigsaw poster organizer for map about the 20 year comedy film festival, Feng Xiaogang was said, "we may have seen the movie before, look now, for you, this should also be a memory." During the event, Iqiyi VIP members Feng Xiaogang specially produced a Feng Xiaogang portrait portrait of the jigsaw puzzle, by Feng Dao and all his works consisting of posters. 14 evening, Feng Xiaogang also personally spell the last piece of the puzzle, that is, I am not a movie poster of Pan Jinlian. Feng Xiaogang and jigsaw photo organizer for map meeting Feng Xiaogang bursting with popularity, more of a 9 hour drive from Shenyang to Beijing crazy brother excited speech. He said that Feng Xiaogang’s movie gave him a big motivation, watching the movie after their Pingdao aspired to be a director, for the best wealth. Feng Xiaogang also encouraged fans, "you have to do the investment, took his own movie, this is the beginning, very bold view. Thank you very much for taking nine hours to drive to Beijing." On the two day before the show, "I am not Pan Jinlian" premiere held at the forty-first Toronto Film Festival, and achieved good reputation. Incomplete statistics, the sale price of the film’s global copyright has reached $7 million, is expected to eventually reach ten million u.s.. Feng Xiaogang, Yang Xianghua and fans present photo organizer for map scene Feng Xiaogang, "I am not Pan Jinlian" at the Toronto Film Festival Premiere of more than 1 thousand and 700 tickets sold out in 3 hours, "premiere in 2/3 are Chinese, 1/3 are foreigners, everyone laughed at, the foreigner also laughed". .相关的主题文章: