FF annual output of 10 thousand plants will be started in 2019 after shrinking


recently Faraday Future company was the thing made plant capacity to raise a Babel of criticism of. First on the CES position, hesitation CES exhibition must be finished, resulting in the factory product line was stalled, and then clarify the abundant capital chain, you can continue to complete the manufacturing. But recently, the Internet broke the news that FF will continue to adjust production capacity.

FF91 concept map

Faraday Future will be adjusted to an annual production capacity of 10 thousand, after shrinking the plant will start production in 2019. FF said, is steadily to promote North Las Vegas factory project, will gradually stabilize the plant construction targets, to complete the company’s long-term development vision, to maintain investment in the next few years Nevada plant project $1 billion commitment not to change.

FF said that in November last year, completed the first phase of the construction of the ground floor. Recently launched the first phase of the second phase of the project, and will start the construction of ground facilities. Look forward to planning, engineering and construction aspects of integration and adjustment, as soon as possible to complete the first phase of the project, faster realization of the goal of mass production FF91.

FF also said that according to the plan, the first phase of the project as part of the entire plant construction plan, will be integrated into the year to start the two phase of the project ground facilities.