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"Fight" on Sun Jialu interpretation of war flower – Sohu   entertainment; Sun Jialu interpretation of war flower entertainment news by Yao Xingxing, Sohu directed by Chen Weiguo, Feng Enhe, nursery, Sun Jialu starred in the Spy Drama "big fight", will be held in September 13th in Nanjing TV news comprehensive channel broadcast. The first challenge in Sun Jialu political struggle in the innocence of a rich girl. The play tells the story of the female agent Chen Xiaolin Wei ordered, to juntong agent Kang Ziqin’s identity into the No. 76 cave, obtaining a list of the underground Party organizations, the CPC underground organization through the story. Sun Jialu plays Danny, a rich girl and happy childhood, Chinese in turbulent times, but she accidentally rolled in, the enemy took her as a control tool of Li Shijie, staged a game of life and death of family and political struggle. In this serious war, Sun Jialu used his intelligence to fight the enemy bravely. In this complex struggle, she is the most pure smoke, the most beautiful flower, all the simple, good in her body has been reflected. Recently, Sun Jialu is in Shanghai shooting super IP drama "August Weiyang", she turned to rain’s sister, the cute very lovable.   相关的主题文章: