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[finale panorama] so no pictures, you can not see, only you can not think of! Sohu – sports east wind, drum beating, October 22nd, City Chess League 2016-2017 regular season finale in Hangzhou Liangzhu Narada resort war! When naive, it is nevertheless to complete together, in the bright lights and less long Chatham collection, playing chess, chess, catch on, interactive performances, guest speakers, etc. all chess stars grow more enchanting, lively scenes always have good records of "eyes" finale scene highlights of which open up a fresh outlook? The way from the small, lead buddies to see what the game is Hangzhou "magic! There is no clear picture of the front is also very hot eye miles! Small partners can have physical discomfort? Please be sure to accompany the family together to visit the City Wai super beautiful photos…… READY? Approach! Wow, what is medium, tall on a good look, hush, softly, Taiwan is on the show, is the black and the white in the battle? Really good! Bar! Rod! Closer look, the original play the black and the white dancer is actually the foreign silver Na, good elegant style, with wood? Full of traditional cultural connotation of the performance of the show, on the modern dynamic cheerleading performances, the scene is quite hot, please protect the vision, do not get into the phone screen oh…… Hot dance warm hey turn the audience, the bursting of the atmosphere will be closed and air to a climax, the brightest large coffee have full debut, a chess leader, enthusiastic chess career celebrities, to see if you can recognize who? On opening night is cited as a story of "Nie Ma showdown" in the closing war staged again, when true fans arrived, Nie, horse fans come to onlookers, if people eat melon to see two people to hold the melon style, quickly come, now ah…… About professional chess links still, and full of wit and humour in the five paragraph after listening to Xu Ying, and Hua Yigang eight after speaking, is still not satisfied? Let’s go back in surprise, oh? In the "chess Carnival" activities in the "star class" link, buddies can close contact with the star players Liu Fan and Wang Xiangru, the so-called Collocation: men and women, working not tired. Match the share, talk about, go teach tips, make sure you have hooked around! After listening to their anatomy, have more love go. Here are two chess game to practice. The relay is blitz chess game, but the game was developed to support the brain tired drops, relax the mood, see what the beauty in red? Love to go to the network of red is relatively rare, and the strongest brain Bao Bao is more rare than the memory, to take a look at the challenge. Stroll? So long, should see the finale real protagonists, the players are all eager for a fight, sharpening, ready to battle!!相关的主题文章: