[Finland 8] long winter night, I hide in the thick Art Gallery Diane

life in Paris, Bohemia". The huge portrait of the naked woman outside the museum is one of the works of the Italy painter and sculptor AmedeoModigliani (1884-1920). The exhibition of his work is on display in the museum. A total of 83 paintings, sculptures and paper works created by Modigliani. His work is dominated by the bust of the characters, most of whom have almond shaped eyes, long, curved necks and hands, and a very personal identity.

is located in the central square in front of the station on the south side of the The National Gallery (Diane concentrated Gallery) completed in 1887, is the design of TheodorHoijer is quite eye-catching magnificent appearance. Into the museum, to see so many rich modern art in Finland and Finland representative painter’s works, but fortunately to the place. Tired and do not want to go out, then in the top of the coffee shop to rest, and then look at. Winter is the best time to visit the art museum.