First tier cities do not forget the mortgage grassroots-ca1816

Don’t forget first-tier cities mortgage "grassroots" and "golden nine silver ten", the house once again become the focus issue of Guangzhou Shenzhen againststriver. Data show that in the first half of individual housing loans soared 2 trillion and 300 billion yuan, in July the household sector long-term loans increased by $477 billion 300 million, the size of the mortgage continues to expand rapidly. In reality, the discount is still widespread mortgage loans, banks will still be regarded as the quality of assets. There are professionals who expressed concern about the cautious, that the trend of residents to increase the lever of the house is worth vigilance. Housing mortgage loan is a typical double-edged sword. On the one hand, hundreds of millions of dollars in the purchase of many people pressed suffocatively, thanks to the mortgage "support" after only a mother; on the other hand, mortgage and natural has leveraged properties, more more and more higher prices. From several years of operation of large cities, the tightness of the mortgage is indeed a positive correlation with the purchase capacity, price. Therefore, mastering the "degree" of mortgage market, especially the refinement of "grassroots", the current regulation and deleveraging is crucial. Mortgage deal with investment, speculative demand, off the house". In the background of skyrocketing housing prices, the entity enterprise profit space is limited, and Dongguan factory to turn off the boss before the real news, this not only increased the prices expected to rise, the passive situation and may cause hollowing. Stabilize prices of the "bubble", the first is to as soon as possible to reduce non residential uses investment, speculation, all the way to stifle financial profit mortgage abuse or "mortgage", let the house to return to live. So, for banks and other financial institutions, it will not affect the security of asset allocation? After all, compared to the majority of mortgage portfolio investment, security and profitability is indeed relatively good match. This requires banks to change ideas, the use of valuable credit funds in the insurance just need. With respect to the wealthy, company bosses, more persistent grassroots more often "just need to" credit and loan repayment, to their means, also means yongquan. According to reports, many home buyers in Shanghai in order to enjoy preferential loans, the choice of false divorce". This reflects the commercial bank lending "Xianpinaifu" in the deep level, not to really need the support of the "just need". For example, some families do need to small for big, but because the two sets and other qualifications identified, can not get full, preferential mortgage. Some business owners, but big boss is drilling policy loopholes, the company secured loans plus or simply maximize the purchase area and profit. In this regard, we can not simply rely on commercial banks self screening, but also rely on regulatory agencies to purchase qualification, credit qualification verification. The real interest rate is only 5% of the mortgage, the government has a public interest behind the guidance and endorsement, to a large extent belong to the transfer payment of the purchase support. This "cheap" in essence is to protect the interests of the sandwich layer of the purchase, if only to be absorbed in the high-end capital owners, it is clear that only further widening the income gap, the formation of new social injustice. As central to the income distribution pattern of judgment, "perfect" as "timely assistance," selective "Xianpinaifu" as soon as possible to change the mortgage, make it more.相关的主题文章: