Flavor unique frozen tofu –

flavor unique frozen tofu

national level public nutritionist Li Xiaoli

is a kind of tofu, bean products loved by people in daily life, it is rich in nutrition, high quality and inexpensive, and frozen tofu than tofu, flavor is more unique, it is Hot pot stew or rinse, bean products favorite choice.

in tofu and soy protein concentrate phenomenon by low temperature freezing, and precipitation water caused by ice crystals; after the thaw ice melt water, direct loss; at this time the shape of bean curd, such as sponge, elastic, good chewing feeling, can absorb attached to a large number of delicious soup, taste good. This is also an important reason why people love to eat frozen tofu.

winter, north of the old people, love by cold weather natural, natural to make homemade frozen tofu. Cut the tofu into small cubes, put off, tofu is best not to overlap between the extrusion head, one night, you can put the night outside in the cold on the second day at noon; if you want to eat tofu cabbage Braised Pork with Vermicelli, or rinse the Hot pot, frozen tofu can greatly use.

eat before, the best first frozen tofu open, dry the water by hand, then go to eat, so eat up not only bitter taste, and more conducive to the absorption of soup, taste better. If you do not hurry to eat, there is enough time, can put the natural frozen tofu, using natural wind to dry water, even frozen dried food taste better!