Foreign media China to help Pakistan build sea based nuclear forces against India – Sohu Military Ch

Foreign media: China to help Pakistan build sea based nuclear forces against India – Sohu Military Channel Map: Map: Pakistan Navy fielded a "bgosta" type 90B submarine. Reference News Network reported on November 18th: foreign media said, Pakistan, 15, announced the opening of an ultra low frequency (VLF) communications facilities, this facility will enable the country to deploy the submarine and contact. According to the U.S. "defense news" magazine website reported on 16 November, the Kennedy School of government at Harvard University postdoctoral fellow at the Belfer Center for science and international affairs Mansoor? Ahmad is an expert on Pakistan’s nuclear program and launch system. He said, the command and control facilities for nuclear deterrent patrol shoulder submarine is of vital importance, this statement basically confirmed that Pakistan has its nuclear deterrent, establish a primary branch of sea. An official press release military Public Relations Bureau of the media sector, the ultra low frequency facility located — Hamid naval base to a new base in Pakistan port near Karachi, which is of similar facilities in the country in the first. Press release said: the ultra low frequency spectrum within the secure military communications link will expand the scope and flexibility of submarine operations to add a new dimension." Ahmad said that Pakistan will be in the next 10 years "to deploy a warhead" Babur "missile submarine launched version. "It" with the United States BGM-109 Tomahawk cruise missile, and the outside world long ago suspect it has been modified, launched in Pakistan 3 Ship Design France "bgosta" 90B submarine, thus leading to the second strike capability provides the latest path. The writer, analyst and former Australian military attache in Islamabad Brian? Crowley said, Pakistan’s submarine is "Pakistan will have to really fight the only means of the India navy. No matter how professional its surface fleet may be in the future, its submarine fleet is small and will be the target of India’s focus". As a result, it is possible to achieve a sustained deterrent to the sea only when the order of 8 submarines designed by China, which are equipped with air – powered propulsion units, will not be available in 2022. But Ahmad said: "a dedicated ultra low frequency facility will ensure that the Pakistan nuclear triangle naval part of the operation." He also pointed out that Pakistan is catching up with its main rival, India, which has recently put into use a similar private communications facility".相关的主题文章: