Foreign media mother’s pelvis size determines the child iq!

must have played an important role in the history of human evolution. What’s more, the rising intelligence promotes the mutual competition between the primitive people: people with higher intelligence are more attractive, and they are also good at seeking higher social status in the complex group. As we all know, this kind of intelligence competition will make people’s cognitive level has greatly improved. However, the new science magazine "Nautilus" reported: unknown is that women walking and running needs for future generations of intellectual development has also had a huge impact.


, associate professor of cognitive science at the Carleton University, Jim, noted that the increase in intelligence is largely due to an increase in brain volume. And when the brain capacity increases, the women who are responsible for the offspring must develop a larger pelvis to produce these large headed children. But human beings in another direction, the evolution of bipedalism, human don’t need a large pelvis to ensure normal walking and running, thus, the evolutionary trend of two kinds of survival under the pressure of the opposite.

because of this, childbirth is more dangerous to humans than other mammals. Although modern medicine has so developed, there are still many women died in childbirth, which also reflects how important it is for human intelligence (so at great risk to family head more offspring).

however, nature by some important strategies to overcome the human evolutionary constraints: a few pieces of baby skull skull composition can move, the baby’s head can be temporarily separated successfully delivered in maternal, pelvis, and can provide space for infant brain volume surge. Another key adaptive evolution comes from the way the brain works: evolution makes it possible for humans to learn to understand the environment around the time of birth rather than to live independently.

if the humans came to this world only after becoming smart, that you don’t have to take that big head was born, the female pelvis can evolve to maximize the size of walking, and our brains are in rapid growth after birth. As with many other creative results, giving a certain set of conditions leads to a more valuable product.

, a study of the ancient "Lucy" specimen found in East Africa, shows that "Lucy" has begun to walk upright. Source: Cleveland Museum Natural of History

children’s IQ IQ like who more?

Shanghai First Maternal and Infant Health-Care Hospital Dean Duan Tao wrote that a lot of research seems to think that the child’s IQ is more inherited from the mother, for the following reasons.

first, and wisdom;