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French intelligence: Monaco more than the main players of the national team by recruiting Friday 007           French   Toulouse VS Monaco       2016-10-15 01:00         weather: sunny 24& DEG; Venue: Toulouse stadium status: now the dawn this is the year of the Toulouse team avoid relegation, they are currently ranked standings in fourth place, the team and the strength is not bad, the home court against Monaco, they had the strength to fight for points. The national team, the League stopped for two weeks, Toulouse did not affect, a total of only 2 players in their team players, and the two players are substitutes. During this period the team did not arrange a friendly game, and because of the early achieved good results, the whole team to leave this Wednesday to start training, from this point to look looz for this game are slightly less. But this season the team has 3 home court finish, 3 wins results, including a 2-0 victory over the Paris Saint Germain, the team’s home court has become one of the most horrible French home court this season, in the face of Monaco relaxed Toulouse may bring a surprise. Monaco situation: Monaco this season has been well maintained, and this season the league as the main direction, after all they saw off Paris Saint Germain sit on the top spot in the hope of france. They are now the most sharp French offensive team. There are still national team and its impact on Monaco. Several major players are subject to the national sign that they are at a disadvantage, two weeks before the weekend they had in the League away to 7-0 victory over the team to Metz, their goal tally in 8 games after the brush to 22 grains this month, the peak period of Paris Saint Germain has be roughly the same. Falco proved in great embarrassment after the team goal was to expect veteran Germain and young Carvalho, the two players up front to become French the most efficient combination of only nice, against Toulouse on the road, according to the character of the Monaco never received a play, but will dare to attack rival. Record: the last 10 games against Toulouse, won 1 wins 4 flat 5 negative, the absolute disadvantage, but last season they had in the 1-1 draw with Monaco home court. SMG recommended: this field in Monaco as the opponent away physically, but the attack certainly stronger than Toulouse, they are optimistic about the draw unbeaten, as the first choice, scoring a total of 2,3. (Da Yu) 法甲情报:摩纳哥多名主力球员受到了国家队征招   周五007     法甲     图卢兹VS摩纳哥     2016-10-15 01:00          天气情况:晴24°   比赛场地:黎明球场   图卢兹近况:   现在的这支图卢兹可不是当年的那支保级球队,他们目前位列积分榜的第4位,球队状态和实力都不差,本场主场迎战摩纳哥,他们完全有实力去争取分数。   国家队比赛日使得联赛停了两周,对于图卢兹来说影响并不大,他们队中总共才有2名国脚球员,而这两位球员都是替补。在这期间球队并没有安排友谊赛的比赛,并且由于前期取得了不错的成绩,球队整整放假到本周三才开始集训,从这点来看图卢兹对于本场比赛的准备略有不足。不过本赛季球队已经赛完的3个主场,取得了3连胜的成绩,其中包括2-0战胜巴黎圣日耳曼的比赛,球队的主场俨然成为法甲本赛季最恐怖的主场之一,面对摩纳哥轻松上阵的图卢兹或许会带来惊喜。   摩纳哥近况:   摩纳哥本赛季的状态一直保持的不错,并且本赛季球队把联赛作为主攻方向,毕竟他们看到了挤掉巴黎圣日耳曼坐上法甲头把交椅的希望。他们是现在法甲进攻最为犀利的球队。   国家队比赛日还是对摩纳哥有影响的,球队的几位主力球员均受到了国家的征兆,这点他们处于劣势,两周前的周末他们刚刚在联赛中客场以7-0的比分大胜梅斯,这样球队把他们的进球数在8场比赛后刷到了22粒,这个月顶峰时期的巴黎圣日耳曼已经不相上下。法尔考在被证明难堪大任后,球队进球还是要指望老将热尔曼和小将卡瓦略,这两位球员的锋线组合成为法甲目前最具效率的锋线组合之一,仅次于尼斯,在客场迎战图卢兹,按照摩纳哥的性格绝对不会收着打,而是会敢于与对手打对攻。   交手战绩:   双方最近交手的10场比赛,图卢兹取得了1胜4平5负的成绩,处于绝对劣势,不过上赛季他们曾在主场1-1逼平摩纳哥。   竞彩推荐:   本场摩纳哥在客场体能上不如对手,但进攻上肯定要强于图卢兹,看好他们在客场不败,平局作为首选,总进球2,3.   (大禹)相关的主题文章: