From the north to the south of -26, let the man experience guozuying game

I visited a few days of the casino lustrous and dazzling building in Las Vegas, saw some agonistic Show, suddenly want to experience the "man’s game" – shooting.

above: shooting club inside

above: Shooting Club House parked tanks

so I enter the gun version of the Google mobile phone map, immediately show the location and information of several shooting clubs, and even star rating for reference. According to the evaluation and distance, I chose a closer to me and the evaluation is good shooting club.

pictured above: military

parked in the shooting club house

above: Shooting Club Park parked various military vehicles

shocking club

followed the phone map navigation, I drove to the shooting club, just entered the gate was a variety of military equipment parked in the hospital shocked.

above: Shooting Club House parked tanks

above: shooting clubs parked inside the tank

not only in the movie scenes common U.S. military Hummer, a variety of military special vehicles, tanks, artillery, helicopters, and even missiles are stacked in the huge parking lot.

above: Shooting Club House parked aircraft, tanks, missiles

above: Shooting Club House parked armored vehicles and helicopters

of these weapons are different from those in the military museum only Xiewan Yuanguan exhibits, but for the guests to touch experience, even the helicopter can enter the cab to feel something.

above: Shooting Club House parked helicopter

above: Shooting Club House parked helicopter

in these dazzling military equipment, there are three cars being squashed particularly eye-catching. Approached the view, the preliminary judgment is the result of tank violence after rolling. This reminds me of a few years ago saw a news: since the Lithuania capital Vilnius, the phenomenon of illegal parking is very serious, a lot of rich people love their own car parked on the sidewalk or bike lanes, and incorrigible, and Vilnius mayor personally driving a tank roadside parking Benz rolled into scrap metal!

above: tanks rolled through the car

above: tanks rolled through the car

thought that the mayor was too cow, is a man of true temperament. Today saw the rolled;