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From then to sun buoubuou can count China venture capital placards how brutal Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple way to pick up the money from Ampang, treasure to the sun, calculate the risk capital China how brutal? Source: national financial weekly 5%, a placards line, pull thousands of capital. Recently, sunshine insurance group’s Sunshine Insurance Holdings yili. After changes in equity, the sun and the sun life insurance total holdings of Erie shares 5% of the total share capital, thus triggering placards. Seems to be well prepared to quell the panic in the market, sunshine insurance in Jupai immediately to make "two" commitment: "do not take the initiative to become the Erie shares the first big shareholder" and "within the next 12 months no longer holdings of yili". But given the treasure can, Ampang line and other precedents, Yili and outside sunshine placards to bring no small shock. Erie choose emergency suspension, seeking a major asset restructuring or non-public offering of shares". There are comments that the spread of the shares of Erie suffered barbarians raid, if handled improperly, or will trigger the Chinese dairy industry earthquake. Insurance funds, once again jumped in the teeth of the storm. In early 2013, life insurance placards listed companies of agricultural products. In 2014, Ampang continuous placards Merchants Bank, Minsheng Bank, golden group, Financial Street. 2015  the beginning of the second half, the insurance company is a listed companies placards boom, before the sea life (Boland Department), Kuo Hua life as the representative of the venture capital frequently force, causing the market strong concern. Especially the treasure can scramble the aggressive tactics of Vanke equity venture capital, make the "barbaric" color is particularly prominent. For a time, the capital market placards jittery on venture capital, as if once crossed the 5% of the first placards line, as "usurper" sounded the assembly, infighting will follow. With the "barbarians" of the title, the venture capital frequently placards whether the investment logic? And what kind of plot? Perhaps more fundamentally, how savage are they?   under the sun there is no conspiracy? Although the placards, the sun has repeatedly promised to "two not", said Yili is "out of the holdings of the prospects for the future development of Yili financial investment". However, the Erie shares are still major issues issued suspension notice, the performance is quite tight. In this regard, Chinese CIRC supervision department director Ren Chunsheng also out of the use of insurance funds to "appease", the sun in the scope of the rules, to perform the relevant procedures, and make corresponding commitments, at present is the financial investment behavior in the open market normal. National financial weekly reporter contacted a number of large and medium sized insurance company investment managers, but also to the "ordinary" depending on the. Because many brokers have been recommended to them after Yili, "stock price significantly undervalued, the proposed bargain jiacang". But it is a question that sunshine insurance since the position within 12 months longer holdings, and you want to buy a few million shares hit placards line and raise a Babel of criticism of much? Previously, sunshine insurance has been stable theory相关的主题文章: