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FTA reform measures will fall fine landing – market dynamics – Shanghai Locke network?? of the CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee held yesterday afternoon Consultation Forum on the topic. Deputy Secretary of Municipal Committee, mayor Yang Xiong to the Democratic Party, Municipal Federation of industry leaders and representatives of non party people informed of the "Shanghai free trade zone construction as a breakthrough, creating a new pattern of all-round opening up the relevant work, and listen to everyone’s opinions and suggestions. Yang Xiong said that the FTA test area is a major national strategy, we should take the initiative to adapt to the new situation and new trend of economic globalization and global economic governance, based in Shanghai free trade zone 3 years of construction has achieved remarkable effect on further deepening reform and opening up, and strengthen international science and technology Innovation Center, financial center construction linkage. To strengthen the system reform initiatives integration, to further explore and improve the new system, the new model of open economy, promote the construction of China ASEAN Free Trade Area and make still further progress. ?? Yang Xiong said, facing the new situation and new requirements, Shanghai FTA test area how to realize and make still further progress? It is necessary to strengthen the "two linkage", put forward more ideas and measures to deepen reform, expand opening up, to conduct a comprehensive sort, has launched the reform measures will further fall fine, implement, make it really play effect, but also continue to focus on enterprise experience, and constantly listen to business advice and suggestions, we solve reflect on the problem, let the enterprise have more sense.  : Important Tips: this page content, designed to meet the needs of the majority of users to collect information provided, not advertising service information. The contents contained in the page does not represent the views or opinions of the site, for user reference and reference, and ultimately to the developer of the actual publicity prevail. Pre-sale of commercial housing must be made pre-sale permit, the user needs to carefully examine the developer’s certificate information in the purchase.  相关的主题文章: