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Fudan graduate? Has a number of companies? Zhang Yuqi husband identity doubts – Sohu   entertainment; Zhang Yuqi and her husband posed Sohu entertainment news early on October 26th, Zhang Yuqi resigned with the mystery man MiHui, and buy a house together. At noon, Zhang Yuqi studio issued a document that Zhang Yuqi has been married with the man, and said the two met fell in love for ten days, met seventy days of marriage. Flash marriage news, his identity was also grilled. Some friends broke the news that Zhang Yuqi husband surnamed yuan, Shanghai financial sector. It is reported that Zhang Yuqi’s husband called Yuan Bayuan, is not only gold and Curve Wrecker, Fudan University, Dr. CFA, has many years of experience in the securities and funds. Worked in July 2002 Shenyin Securities Investment headquarters as an investment manager, investment planning department, Fidelity Fund Management Limited as a researcher, assistant fund manager, the fund manager, is currently sitting on a number of companies. According to informed sources, Zhang Yuqi and her husband met in July 2nd this year, Chongqing Nanping Wanda shop opening ceremony "activities, the activities held by the company. Met when both sides are single, never married man.   evening, and the media broke the news, said Zhang Yuqi husband is not a financial person, or fashion company ceos. According to media survey, he was not in fact the financial sector, SWS, bank, Fidelity Fund, the fund industry association said that no such person. The public information in line with the above conditions of fund managers, named Hua Hua tube.相关的主题文章: