Fujian golden week takes over 15 million passengers of Jin 14 billion 400 million road passenger tra-chompoo araya

Fujian golden week won gold 14 billion 400 million road passenger over 15 million passengers 7 reporter learned from the Provincial Transportation Bureau, 1 midnight to 7 days 16 when, the province completed a total road passenger volume of 15 million 96 thousand passengers, an essentially flat. The overall safety and orderliness of road transportation in the whole province. During the long vacation, the province’s departure number of 432 thousand classes, organization overtime, chartered 32 thousand classes; urban public transport passenger volume of about 47 million passengers, taxi passenger volume 13 million passengers. Volunteer service of 5000 people per day in the province. In view of the characteristics of passenger flow, such as visiting relatives and friends in rural areas, increasing the input of rural passenger transport capacity, the total number of passengers transported 5 million 500 thousand passengers. (reporter Wu Hongxiong correspondent Liao Yue) Provincial Tourism Bureau issued statistical data on the 7 day, during the National Day holiday, Fujian province received a total of 21 million 246 thousand and 400 domestic and foreign tourists, an increase of 14.9%; total tourism income of 14 billion 411 million yuan, an increase of 15.9%. It is understood that the festival "Meranti" "catfish" typhoon, the coastal part of the scenic spot in Fujian province has been hit hard, during the national day, Gulangyu Islet, Fuzhou Hulishan Fortress National Forest Park is not completely open, have an impact on the National Day holiday market in Fujian Province, the 23 major scenic spots focus on monitoring the province’s total of 4 million 630 thousand tourists, and over the same period last year was essentially flat. However, due to the self driving tour, shopping tour, sports tourism and other personalized tourism activities and rural tourism, red tourism, ecological tourism, urban leisure tourism and other emerging tourism products popular enough, eye-catching performance, on the whole in addition to Xiamen because of the typhoon the number of tourists decreased slightly, other cities still maintain a rapid growth. (reporter Chu Baishan)

福建黄金周揽金144亿 道路客运超1500万人次   记者7日从省运管局获悉,1日零时至7日16时,全省共完成道路客运量1509.6万人次,同比基本持平。全省道路运输总体安全、有序。   长假期间,全省发车总班次43.2万班,组织加班、包车3.2万班;城市公交客运量约4700万人次,出租汽车客运量1300万人次。全省日均组织志愿者服务5000人次。针对农村地区探亲访友等客流特点,加大农村客运运力投入,累计运送旅客550万人次。(记者 吴宏雄 通讯员 廖悦)   省旅游局7日发布统计数据,国庆假日期间,福建省累计接待国内外旅游者2124.64万人次,同比增长14.9%;旅游总收入144.11亿元,同比增长15.9%。   据了解,受节前“莫兰蒂”“鲇鱼”等台风影响,福建省沿海部分景区受到重创,国庆期间鼓浪屿、胡里山炮台、福州国家森林公园等未完全开放,对福建省国庆假日市场造成一定影响,全省重点监测的23家主要景区累计接待游客463万人次,与上年同期基本持平。不过,由于自驾游、购物游、体育旅游等个性化旅游活动以及乡村旅游、红色旅游、生态旅游、都市休闲旅游等新兴旅游产品人气充足、表现抢眼,总体上除厦门市因受台风影响接待游客人数略有下降外,其他各设区市依然保持较快增长态势。(记者 储白珊)相关的主题文章: