Fund short-term cautious looking to determine the growth of species – fund channel

Fund short-term cautious for determining the growth of varieties – the recent part of the fund manager for the fund channel to predict short-term market tends to be cautious, in the fund manager, the current global economic weakness, the new economic growth point has not yet appeared, there may be a "black swan" event, but the global monetary policy will continue to hedge the economic weakness the risk does not exist, so the A stock market trend of the configuration should be based on the defensive. In the opinion of a fund manager in Shanghai, the biggest feature of the recent market is strong performance of real estate stocks, which obviously and insurance placards effect ". Another landmark event is the ten year bond yields continue to hit a new low, which means that the market’s asset shortage logic is further strengthened. Macro strategy department general manager in a large fund company’s view, the recent hot surge Vanke equity dispute and Hengda stocks, indicating that the market liquidity is adequate, asset allocation needs to have quality assets in the stock demand, these funds with low risk appetite, the expected income is also low, therefore underestimate the value of blue chip most attractive. In addition, the recent construction, environmental protection, PPP and other industry performance is not bad. Since the policy of force, the first half of the PPP agreement order was the explosive growth, construction of the central enterprises in 2016 signed the PPP agreement amount is significantly faster than other types of enterprises, and from the semi annual report, the industry overall performance has improved. The general manager of the macro strategy that the Ministry of science and technology innovation at the beginning of August, the State Council issued the plan, many involved in medicine and health field, innovative drug development ushered in a new opportunity for Chinese medicine, as the scarcity of the subject will benefit from the implementation of the Shenzhen tong. In addition, to improve the retail trade sector fundamentals, early or small, compensatory growth is expected to strongly. Moreover, the commercial and retail sector cash flow is abundant, the property value of the assets and the value of a high dividend rate of high dividend rate is also well suited to the logic of asset allocation. In its view, there is no big trend A shares market, the configuration should be based on defense, the configuration to underestimate the value of blue chip and consumer related industries. In fact, the Shanghai fund manager also believes that many of the recent leading industry is the last year to two years relatively marginalized. In its view, this year the market is around the beginning of oversold rebound and shock, but also can be said to be in the three quarter of last year oversold rebound. Plate, so far, basically all the plates are moving to the. He said, people are more cautious on the short-term market, short-term market or in the weaker interval, one of the reasons is that the market is expected to economic expectations may also be under repair; second, liquidity is expected to continue repeatedly; third is the strict regulatory policies, "deleveraging" policy for the capital into the stock market is limited. The fund manager is expected, the future of the market will be transferred to the main line to determine the type of growth in the industry: the industry, the company’s profit model is more determined, the growth of a logical continuity, as far as possible not too high valuation. On the background of the industry, more concerned about the field of large consumption. In its view, due to the short-term elasticity of the market is more difficult, so to do subtraction investment, select a long-term growth potential varieties. Large consumer price is always a "slow growth", but the traditional consumption life Jing相关的主题文章: