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Fuzhou train station traffic regulation black wall driver abandoned the vehicle and fled yesterday afternoon, Fuzhou train station area comprehensive management office organized city market supervision and management, train station, road traffic law enforcement squadron, police station, police gate tube screw City Squadron, train station, traffic police and other units to carry out remediation. There is black driver to escape the law enforcement encirclement, with a heavy foot against the wall, finally forced to abandon the car and fled. According to reports, the action is mainly for the train station at present "black", "rub", illegal taxi placards, soliciting and other outstanding issues. In order to expand the impact of the various functional departments to take the form of joint law enforcement. According to the relevant staff, the joint remediation action will continue three times a week. It is understood that, in order to the joint remediation action, the various departments have set up a joint radio. The scene of the investigation, but also signs of danger appearing everywhere. Yesterday afternoon at 2:40 PM, Fuzhou train station east square, a black driver stopped, law enforcement officers immediately check. The driver also found the wrong, after the passengers to get off, immediately want to escape the refueling door. Law enforcement officers adventure stopped motorcycle driver in Huangbuzelu, drove the car into a parked van concave side. Fuzhou city traffic comprehensive administrative law enforcement detachment of a brigade two squadron leader Chen Fei told reporters that the driver with ten yuan price agreement, passengers from the Xia Yang Cun shipped to south station, the driver has not obtained the road passenger transport business license, engaged in unauthorized passenger business, will be temporarily vehicles, punishment 1000 yuan to 2000 yuan fine. Yesterday afternoon, the other a suspected illegal operation of the vehicle at the Fuzhou train station, underground garage passenger. The guests on the train, and law enforcement officers to check the owners to launch a pre emptive washed off, in order to get rid of the law enforcement officers chase, finally rushed to the third floor, Huangbuzelu, the car hit the wall, but fortunately the car did not. Law enforcement officers arrived, the driver had abandoned the vehicle and fled, the only left on the train passengers. Law enforcement officers then withheld the vehicle. (channel network) >相关的主题文章: