Gansu issued a red envelope to support scientific and technological innovation maximum subsidy three-luonv

Gansu "red envelopes" to support technological innovation of single maximum subsidy of three million yuan – Beijing new network in Lanzhou in October 9, (Shi Jingjing) Office of the Gansu provincial government announced 9 days, Gansu issued "measures" to support technological innovation in Gansu Province, the measures mentioned in the real money for promoting the innovation of science and Technology issued policy red". Refer to the issuance of "measures", the foreign and foreign universities and research institutes, science and technology innovation service organization and science and technology enterprises to build cooperation, independent construction and other forms of scientific research in the province to set up branch offices, joint laboratory or technology transfer institutions to give 500 thousand yuan subsidy funds. In order to improve the military collaborative innovation mechanism, and promote collaborative innovation, the combination of military and civilian research collaborative innovation platform to give a one-time subsidy of 1 million yuan; the civil military integration innovation demonstration area construction to give a one-time subsidy of 2 million yuan. By the Gansu Provincial Commission after verification, the required funds included in the annual provincial budget. Gansu proposed to Newly Approved National Engineering (Technology) research center, national key laboratories, National Engineering Laboratory, National Development Zone, national agricultural science and Technology Park, national international science and technology cooperation base, state-level enterprise technical centers, national manufacturing innovation center to give 3 million yuan subsidy. At the same time, to give 1 million yuan subsidy to the Newly Approved National Science and technology business incubator, National University of science and Technology Park, provincial engineering of newly approved (Technology) research center, provincial key laboratory, provincial university science and Technology Park, the national technology transfer center, grant. In the improvement of provincial scientific research project funds management, participate in research projects of graduate students, postdoctoral and visiting scholars and researchers, scientific research project to employ auxiliary personnel, consultation and assessment experts, can labor expenses. In order to support the talents of innovation and entrepreneurship, Gansu also proposed to long-term work in the province and signed a labor contract for more than 5 years, giving 200 thousand yuan financial relief subsidies. In addition, "measures" also made indirect costs increase the proportion of provincial scientific research projects; expand the higher school personnel autonomy; optimization results into the incentive mechanism; to the province of small and micro enterprises or innovative entrepreneurial team issued certificates and other measures to promote innovation, science and technology innovation in Gansu. (end)相关的主题文章: