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Gao Hongbo was blocking the door shouting fans class Su Ning international position to never give up Gao Hongbo 0:1, when the whistle referee Mohamed TaqI sounded the end of the game, Chinese football coach Gao Hongbo livid station in Xi’an night, the original neatly combed hair because of the rain the reason becomes very messy. Frustrated and Gao Hongbo is not alone, in October 6th, the sixth day National Day holiday, tens of thousands of fans cheering for the country foot site in Xi’an, hundreds of millions of fans waiting in front of the screen for the Orangemen cheer. The Orangemen ultimately lost the game, if not in the next game with Uzbekistan and Qatar and home court game to take all 6 points, then the foot 12 tour probably will end in advance. The fans roared Gao Hongbo class is almost deja vu old, previously led the team scored 12 of the race in Gao Hongbo, home court 0:1 team lost to Syria, immediately into a crisis of confidence. After the game, some fans blocked at the podium at the door shouting Gao Hongbo class slogan, and he told the press conference clearly told the outside world, before the 12 game, I have to tell you the location of the team." It is clear that high guidance does not recognize the voice of criticism. Before this war, the Orangemen down quite clearly the significance of the game, home court against the Syria team, the 12 race is most likely to win the chance. Wuhan during the training, the national football training to the media always closed, unpredictable people really think of Gao Hongbo. Before get the list, the first so that the outside world is quite surprised, Gao Hongbo not only sent Gao Lin and Zhang Yuning two striker and midfielder Hao Junmin, Zhang Xizhe and Huang Bowen gathered three technical players. In other words, the Orangemen will be the most creative team in the frontcourt players are sent on the field, showing the determination to win. But the team is not difficult, the accumulation of offensive players can be so simple improvement, instead of the game’s mistakes constantly, especially Zhang Xizhe and other players almost fell in the final, the Orangemen offensive thunder, little rain, also can understand. According to Gao Hongbo’s plan, the opponent’s physical consumption in the first half, the second half is switched to 343, winning the match. But the game has not been able to find the state of the game, the scene is more frequent mistakes. In this regard, Gao Hongbo explained: the opponent’s tactics is to fight back, so we attack to take advantage of the width of the line. The other side into the game quickly, coupled with our passing success rate is not very high, the ability to control the game has declined." Obviously, although some performance in the international, but Gao Hongbo will not publicly evaluate these players, instead he told the outside world, "as a coach I have to thank the players in the game to win, quite strong desire, mental state is quite good, these are worthy of recognition." Of course, can not be avoided is the goalkeeper Gu Chao attack mistakes, why choose such an international game experience almost zero players, it is a mystery. In this regard, Gao Hongbo’s answer is, in fact, whether it is the old goalkeeper or young goalkeeper, because the country has not enough time in the past 15 years相关的主题文章: